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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 168
More Notes on Kentish Roads. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.  continued

   1788. Aug. 30th. Corbett’s estimate was £221—10—0 for widening and £8—5—0 for excavation. A higher parapet was suggested with an alternative estimate. The cost of the minimum necessary work was asked for, and also the probable cost of acquiring land for widening.
   1788. Sep. 27th. The landowner refuses to sell any of his land. It appeared that the substitution of a parapet for iron railings might save £13—14--6. The Trustees now asked for:— Estimates for repairing the North side. Estimates for repairing the South side. Estimates for repairing the widening on the South side.
   1788. Oct. 28th. Considerable confusion about the various estimates. A contract for repairs on the North and widening on the South was to be prepared.
   1788. Nov. 29th. Mr. Mason the owner of the land required for widening said that in the past he had made many concessions to the Trust but that the Trust had not reciprocated and the cost of a drain that he had constructed had not been met. The Trustees agreed to pay this bill (£3—7—2.) and Mr. Mason agreed to sell the necessary land. A Committee was deputed to meet him and a

surveyor (Nicholas Searle) was appointed as Surveyor of the Bridge works.
   1789. Feb. 2 1st.The new surveyor criticised Corbett’s plan and put in a new one at £61 more than Corbett’s and estimated that the other work could not be carried out at the earlier cost. All previous decisions were rescinded and only the widening on the south was to be done. Corbett, after much discussion agreed to carry out the revised scheme on Searle’s conditions. A contract on these terms was ordered to be drawn up. This was submitted to the Trustees on March 28th. and copies were sent to Corbett and Searle.
   There is no further mention in the minutes relating to this draft but it was evidently agreed upon by all parties and it is this contract (in my possession) that is given in full later in this paper. Aug. 29th. 1789. The works are reported as finished and supplementary details ordered to be carried out. For instance, stone was to be used for maintaining the river banks, and the roadway was to be paved with flints, chalk and gravel.

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