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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 73 - 1959  pages 118
Late-Continued Demesne Farming at Otford. By F. R. H. Du Boulay, M.A., F.R.Hist.S. Continued

chanced to survive on the parchment cover of an Otford court-roll belonging to Elizabeth’s reign.1 It is a hasty scrawl, but provides a comparison interesting enough to reproduce here
   A mesurement of the demeanes of Otteforde anno vij° H.viij. In Estfeld lyeng frome the lompytt and the path way leding frome Otteforde to Seale uppon the hill ward, 62 acres 8 dayworks 3 perches.
   In Northfeld in one pece called the Eighteen acre there is 18 acres 18˝ dayw.
   In a nother feld called the 14 acres there is 14 a. and no mow.
   In Whythill there is.. . ˝ a. 3 dayw. 3 p.
   In the Faston there is 43a. 7 dayw. 1 p.
   In a feld called the Combe and that half (?) to the hill there is in one pece lieng in le[n]ght toward Shorham 66˝ a. 6˝ dayw.
   In another pece lyeng in the bottom under Coridlebushe (?) there is 10 a. 15˝ dayw.
   Item in the fosse Undergrenhill called the Drowwaye [Droveway] for the farmershope there is 2 a. 3 dayw.
   Item in a nother pece that is the hanger and side of the Mydlehill and so compasse [sic] the side of Stomblebussh and the Shotte above Cradlebushe there is 25 a. 12 dayw.
   Item in 2 peces mowe that lyeth at the Foxe.. . and Blackbushe, and boundith to the Highways leding from 

Ottford toward Woodland there is 15 a., and 1 a. lyeng between the parsons 3 a. and Mr. Palmer.
   The sum of acres with the Combe 120˝ a. 7 dayw., beside 31 a. that I cannott calle to mynd.
   Item there is in Oxenlease 10˝ a.
   Item there is in Little Newe Park as to met him [measure it] square 26 a. 18 dayw.
   Item there is in Gret New Park as we met him in 2 parts without the diche of the mede called Multon 60˝ a. 14˝ dayw.
   Item there is taken into the mede that was Gret Nupark 3 a. and 5 the. . . of the 2 nuparks and Oxenlease is 100 a. 3 r[ods] 2 dayw.
   Item there is in Wickham 24 a. 3 r. 5 dayw. 7 p.
   Item there is in the medes called the Blosse medes 7˝ a. 8 dayw. and thereof in 2 parks. . . must have one. . . and then hath the lond in Redbrok 3 r. 6 dayw.
   Item there is in Mylton mede as far . . . now within the diche 16˝ a., and thereof the tenants hath one acre.
   Item there is in the . . . mede 8 a., and the tenants have 1 a. 15 dayw.
   Although this description is in places obscure or defective, a general comparison with the description of the thirteenth century is possible.
   1 De L’Isle and Dudley MSS, Roll 478. I am indebted to Viscount De L’Isle, V.0., for his kind permission to make use of his family papers

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