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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 71 - 1957  page 222
                          Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1956-57   Continued

   Chapman MSS. [Cat. Mk. U619] deposited by J. E. Chapman, Esq.
   Manorial documents. Ruxley and North Cray, 1655-1803.
   Title deeds. St. Paul’s Cray, St. Mary Cray, Eynsford and Chislehurst, 1565-1876.
   Estate papers. Papers and correspondence, 1726-1864.
   Miscellaneous. Deposited or presented by Messrs. Emmerson, Brown & Brown, Sandwich, the Town Clerk, Nottingham, Miss D. E. Johnston, Lt.-Col. R. J. N. Solly, E. M. Gibson, Esq., and the executors of Edwin Hart, Esq.
   Manorial documents. Knowlton, 1565-1928; Northbourne, 1698-1928 ; Northcourt and Southcourt in Tilmanstone, 1579-1926; San-down in Worth and Sandwich, 1542-1928 [Cat. Mk. U562]; North Court and Lower Hardres, 1623-1778 [Cat. Mk. U599].
   Title deeds. 80 deeds for Appledore, 1581-1871 [U575] ; 30 deeds for Chislet and Reculver, 1525-1709 [U569].

   Official papers. Manuscript notebook of Sir Edward Dering as a justice of the peace, 1626-35 [U570].
Miscellaneous. Survey of property held in chief, compiled by an antiquary from Public Records, c. 1625 [U570].

   Gordon Ward [Cat. Mk. TR 584] purchased from Dr. Gordon Ward. Transcripts, articles, pamphlets, newspaper cuttings, photographs, etc. concerning Kentish Charters and Anglo-Saxon Kent and England in general. One-inch O.S. maps marked to show Weald and Andred Forest, with Anglo-Saxon settlements, churches, sites, and Domesday manor, Roman period to 1100. Set of six-inch O.S. maps showing Bronze Age and later sites, with farm and field names, estate boundaries, etc., superimposed. Index of places named on six-inch O.S. maps. One-inch O.S. maps marked to show Domesday Kent.

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