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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 71 - 1957  page 221
                          Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1956-57   Continued

   Estate papers. Rentals, 1718-1925 ; bills, bonds and receipts, 1355-1801 ; estimate books, 1855-1928 ; game books, 1809-1900.
   Accounts. Estate accounts, 1720-1950; ledgers,   1789-1900 farm accounts, 1783-1907.
   Official papers. Deed relating to case in Court of Chivalry, 1392 appointment and transfer of duties of sheriff, 1378-88; instructions to ambassadors to Holland, 1407 ; defence instructions by lord lieutenant, 1558.
   Legal papers. Cobham estate, 1647-1701.
   Ecclesiastical and Charity papers. Papers concerning Cobham College, 1380-1420.
   Maps. Cobham Hall, 1641-1758; Cobham, 1759-1851 ; Cliffe, 1692; Cuxton, 1759-1820; Strood, 1774, 1820; Gravesend, 1693, 1718 ; Shorne, 1744, 1785; proposed sewer at Dymchurch, c. 1600.
   Tylden MSS. [CAT. Mk. U593] deposited by Messrs. Holt, Beever & Kinsey, London, W.C.1.
   Manorial documents. Hoggeshaw alias Milstead, c. 1562-1624.
   Title deeds. About 370 for Milstead, Hartlip, Yalding, Brenchley and adjacent parishes, c. 1230-1902.
Family papers. Settlements and testamentary papers of  Tylden and Manby families, 1614-1805; commonplace book of Richard Tylden, 1714-79.
   Accounts. Estate and farming accounts, 1663-1868, 

including notes on rotation of crops, 1750-1853.
Legal papers. Tylden, Manby and other families, 1578-1736.
   Official papers. Milstead taxation assessments, 1666-91.
   Charity papers. Deeds of charities for Milstead, Frinsted and Borden, 1553-1756.
   Twysden MSS. [CAT. Mk. U47/47] (additional) transferred by Kent Archeological Society from Maidstone Museum.
   Manorial documents. Rentals of manor of Chatham, 1726, 1737.
   Official papers. Diary of Sir Roger Twysden as justice of the peace, 1635-1672.
   Miscellaneous. Papers of Sir Roger Twysden, bound in a volume with biographical and other notes, seventeenth century.
   Radnor MSS. [CAT. Mk. U270] (additional) deposited by the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Radnor.
   Manorial documents. Folkestone, 1858-1896.
   Honywood MSS. [CAT. Mk. U221] (additional) deposited by Essex Record Office.
   Title deeds. Deeds, Wills, and abstracts of manor of Sibton, Lyminge, etc., 1686-1814.
   Official papers. Accounts of expenses of Filmer Honywood at Kent Elections, 1802.

Page 221

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