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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70 - 1956  page 245
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1955-56   Continued

Deeds. 150: mainly for Sharsted Court estate in Doddington and neighbouring parishes, 1554-1859, and the hundred of Hoo, etc. (Faunce family), 1545-1791.
   Family papers. Wills and settlements for the families of Delaune, 1627-1739, Pincke, 1666-1839, Faunce, 1585-1867, Barrell, 1649-1786, Duppa, 1760-1859, and Thornycroft, 1709-72. Personal, household and estate accounts for Pincke and other families, 1704-1871. Illuminated pedigree of the Alured family, c. 1630, and pedigrees and genealogical information for the families of Thornycroft, Pincke, Barrell and Faunce, c. 1750-1893. Letter book of Thomas Hill, London merchant, 1660-61; letter book and correspondence of the Pincke family, 1744-1829.
   Maps. Doddington, etc., 1777, All Hallows Hoo, 1797, and Newnham, 1793.
   Eardley MSS. [Cat.. Mk. U448], deposited by Lieutenant-Colonel Fremantle, per Herts. C.C.
   Deeds. About 260: for Erith, including the Belvedere housing estate, 1598-1914.
   Estate and legal papers for the Belvedere housing estate, 1858-1915.

   Gowper MSS. [Cat. Mk. U449], deposited by the Lady Salmond, per Herts. C.C.
   Manorial documents. Ratling in Nonington, 1604-1767; Fordwich, 1716.
   Deeds. Over 700: mainly for Nonington, Wingham, Deal, Canterbury and Fordwich, 1421-1890.
   Map. Worth and Eastry, 1755.
   Documents received from Messrs. Monckton, Son & Collis [Cat. Mk. U82].
   Deeds. About 3,000: for very many parishes, chiefly in the Maidstone area, 1470-1932, with large groups for Maidstone, Bearsted, Detling, Thurnham, Boughton Monchelsea, Hollingbourne, East Peckham and Yalding.
Estate and family papers. Allen, 1827-82; Fremlin, 1719-1932; Golding, 1830-1903; Kennard, 1814-1927; Menpes, 1839-1920; Monckton, 1751-1922; Rugg estate, 1760-1907.
   Maps. Two for East Farleigh, 1772, and one for Ightham and Wrotham, 1765.

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