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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70 - 1956  page 244
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1955-56   Continued

   Deeds. 24: Sevenoaks and Seal, 1782-1881.
   Estate papers. Correspondence about the St. Julians estate, with specifications of buildings to be done there and some hop accounts, 1804-1935; correspondence about the building of a house in Canton House Gardens, 1827-32.
   Maps. Two for Seal and Sevenoaks Weald, c. 1800.

   The following is a list of the more important groups of archives catalogued or re-catalogued during the year. In every case the collections were received in the office before August, 1955.
   The Knocker Collection [Cat. Mk. U55].
   Manorial documents. Ightham, 1406-1846; Stansted, 1585-1912; manor and hundred of Wrotham, 1302-1924; Hothfield, Swinford in Hothfield, Westwell and Warehorne, 1531-1930; Charing and the hundred of Calehill, 1629-c. 1820; Otterden and Boardfield in Otterden, 1575-1814; West Shelve and Shelve Cobham in Lenham, 1320-1937; Boughton Aluph, 1690-1949; Coningbrook and Benstone in Kennington and the lesser manors in Wye, 1706-1940; manor and hundred of Milton, c. 1320-1936; Ash, Ridley and Holliwell in Ash, 1625-1940; Frornonds and Crombury in Hadlow, 1296-1828; honor of Otford, c. 1480-1887; Tonbridge, 1689-1807; Billingham in Lewisham, 1668-1785; West Wickham, Keston and Baston, 1467-1938.

   Deeds. Over 6,000: for many parishes, 1262-1934, with large groups for Tonbridge, Charing, Egerton, Hadilow, Ightham, Lenham, East Peckham, Smarden, Westerham and Wrotham.
   Estate and family papers. James of Ightham, 1463-1913; Hothfield estate, c. 1690-1899; Wheeler, 1612-1878; Lambarde, 1715-1819; Petley, 1520-1743; Warde, 1690-1938; Lennard, 1587-1852; Heath of Brasted, 1614-1730.
   Business and official papers. Stewards’ papers, 1593-1919, and tithe commutation papers, 1817-89, probably all from Norwood of Charing; lay subsidy rolls for parts of the lathes of Aylesford and Sutton at Hone, 1589-1641; marsh ordinances for Plumstead and East
Greenwich, post 1547.
   Maps. Properties in Charing and Egerton, Chiddingstone, Sevenoaks and Sundridge, Kemsing and Seal, Smarden, Tonbridge, Hadlow, Ightham and Ridley, 1777-1846, and tracings of maps of Hothfield Estates, c. 1640-1812.
   Faunce-De-Laune MASS. [Cat. Mk. U145], presented by Captain Faunce De Laune.
   Manorial documents. Sharsted, etc., in Doddington, Newnham and Rodmersham, 1655-1938.

Page 244 

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