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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70 - 1956  page 243
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1955-56   Continued

   Deeds. About 1700: Waldershare, Coldred, Lydden, Swingfield, Northbourne, Whitfield, Worth, Sholden and Teynham, 1347-1856; Faversham and Ospringe, 1334-1827.
   Family papers. Settlements, Wills, etc., of the North family, 1751-1836; correspondence of Frederick, 5th Earl of Guilford, 1791-1827, mainly relating to his activities as Governor of Ceylon, 1798-1805, and as promoter of the University of the Ionian Isles, 1819-27.
   Accounts. Accounts, rentals and vouchers for the whole estate of the Earls of Guilford, 1751-1828 and 1856-1914, Waldershare Park and the home farm, 1711-1811 and 1871-94, and household and personal accounts of the Furnese, Rockingham and North families, 1714-98 and 1872-82; Glemham (Suffolk) accounts, 1706-55; merchant and trust accounts of Sir Dudley North and his family, 1672-1723.
   Official. A small group of Lord North’s political papers and letters, 1782-88; papers of the Waldershare Volunteer Infantry, 1803-10.
   Maps. Ospringe, 1599; Little Glemham (Suffolk), 1771.
Miscellaneous. Copy of bounds of the free fishery belonging to the manor and hundred of Faversham, 1608; petition from the Nabob of the Carnatic, 1782.
   Deeds [CAT. Mk. U510], deposited by Major Pratt Boorman.
   Deeds. About 300: for Bilsington, Ruckinge, Woodchurch, etc., 1618-1928.

   Dering MSS. [CAT. Mk. U512], deposited by Lady Muriel Barclay-Harvey, per Historical Manuscripts Commission.
   Deeds. About 100: manors of Thurnham and Binbury in Thurnham, 1319-1559; abstracts of charters of land in Thurnham granted to Combwell Priory, twelfth and early thirteenth centuries; Combwell Priory in Goudhurst, 1542.
   Ecclesiastical. Union of Aldington and Thurnham, 1433 and 1453.
   Dalison MSS. [CAT. Mk. U522], deposited by the late M. D. P. Dalison.
   Manorial documents. Hibaldstow, etc. (co. Lines.), c. 1275-1652.
   Deeds. About 800: West Peckham and Wrotham, 1377-1844; Hailing and Snodland, 1471-1787; Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham, 1401-1787, and Hibaldstow, etc., 1346-1846.
   Family papers. Dalison Wills and settlements, 1573-1716; inventories, 1578-1671. Personal and household accounts (Master and Stanley families), 1608-76.
   Official. Notebook kept by Sir Thomas Walsingham as a Justice of the Peace, 1628-44.
   Miscellaneous. Illuminated register of writs and legal instruments, fourteenth century. Illuminated roll of Knights of the Garter, 1624.
   Herries MSS. [CAT. Mk. 11543], deposited by Lieutenant-Colonel Spottiswoode.

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