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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70 - 1956  page 242
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1955-56   Continued

   St. Clement, Sandwich [CAT. Mk. P323]. Churchwardens’ records, 1667-1853; overseers’ records, 1663-1867.
   Sellindge [CAT. Mk. P329]. Churchwardens’ records, 1654-1947; vestry minutes, 1777-1859; overseers’ records, 1738-1926; surveyors’ records, 1814-36.
   Rochester Diocese—Ightham [CAT. Mk. P202]. Registers, 1559-1865; churchwardens’ records, 1708-1922; vestry minutes, 1782-1857; overseers’ records, 1669-1856.
   Pembury [CAT. Mk. P286]. Registers, 1560-1856; churchwardens’ records, 1731-183]; vestry minutes, 1820-55.
   Shoreham [CAT. Mk. P335]. Registers, 1558-1812.
   Wrotham [CAT. Mk. P406]. Select Vestry minutes, 1817-24; overseers’ records, 1721-1860; vestry minutes for Plaxtol, 1846-1905.

Dover to Sandwich Road [CAT. Mk. T11], deposited by the Corporation of Sandwich. Minutes, 1832-74; accounts, 1797-1874.

   Conyngham MSS. [CAT. Mk. U438], deposited by the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Mount Charles.
   Manorial documents. Minster in Thanet, 1739-1924; 

Goshall, Hills Church Gate and Liverocks in Ash next Sandwich, 1849-1923; Kingston, 1855-1923;  Patrixbourne Cheney and Martin, 1729-1928; and Wickhambreux, 1639-1923.
   Deeds. About 2,650: mainly for Ash next Sandwich, Bekesbourne, Chislet and Reculver, Kingston, Littlebourne, Patrixbourne, Minster and other parishes in Thanet, and Wickhambreux, 1551-1929.
   Family papers. Copies, etc., of Wills of the Conyngham family, 1700- 1916.
   Estate papers. Surveys, valuations, rentals, etc., mainly for Minster, 1700-1932; estate correspondence, 1782-1901; papers relating to mineral rights and the Kent Coalfield, 1897-1929.
   Legal papers. Various cases concerning manorial and foreshore rights of the manor of Minster, 163 1-1904.
Maps. Ash, 1752; Chislet, c. 1830; Herne and Reculver, 1728; Kingston, 1679; Littlebourne, 1840; Minster, c. 1800; Patrixbourne, 1730; and St. Lawrence, Thanet, 1724.
   North MSS. [CAT. Mk. T1471], deposited by the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Guilford.
   Manorial documents. Waldershare, Coldred, Popes Hall in Coldred and Goshall in Ash, 1605-1866; East and West Langdon and North Court and Boynton in Swingfield, 1646-1867; Plumford and Queen Court in Ospringe, 1469-1664.

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