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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70 - 1956  page 241

Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1955-56

THE principal accessions received in the County Archives Office between 1st August, 1955, and 31st July, 1956, have been:

   Sandwich Borough [Cat. Mk. Sa/].
   Year Books and draft Year Books, 1431-1837; administrative and financial records of the Bridge and Haven, 1548-1860; transcripts and translations of Corporation and Cinque Port charters, 1260-1684; treasurers’ rolls, c. 1375-1550; land and water treasurers’ accounts, 1625-1835; accounts of the Wardens of the Orphans, 1589-1655; Borough Fund for public works, 1808-94; records of the court of quarter sessions, 1635-1918, the court of record, 1456-1836, and the hundred court, 1529-1681; various versions of Adam Champeneys’ custumal, c. 1375-c. 1625; deeds and leases, 1311-1891; rolls of mayors, 1415-1756; letter books and bound volumes of miscellaneous papers, 1295-1830; cartulary and deeds of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, 1383-1781, and deeds of St. John’s Hospital, c. 1287-1615; Cinque Port 

records, 1574-1916, including copies of many earlier documents; and copies of minutes of proceedings of the Brotherhood and Guestling and of custumals of New Romney and Rye and a diary of the bailiff at Yarmouth; transcript material of William Boys, the historian of Sandwich, and J. A. Jacobs, and material assembled for the history of Sandwich from 1932 onwards.

   Records of the Medway Navigation Company [Cat. Mk. S/MN], deposited by the Kent River Board.
   Minutes, 1765-1912; proceedings of the commissioners of sewers, 1627-30; financial records including coal and freight accounts,, 1740-1910.

   Canterbury Diocese—Cranbrook [Cat. Mk. P100], Churchwardens’ records, 1509-1868, and for Sissinghurst, 1869-1901; vestry minutes, 1706-1879, overseers’ records, 1627-1846; surveyors’ records, 1781-1836; transcript of registers, 1559-1697.

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