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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70  1956  page 42
The Origin and First Hundred Years of the Society

By Frank W. Jessup, Honorary General Secretary   continued

G. M. Arnold, T. S. Frampton, G. M. Livett, Leland Duncan, C. Eveleigh Woodruff, J. Cave-Brown, C. F. Routledge, St. John Hope, Arthur Hussey, R. U. Potts, Gardner-Waterman, Colyer-Fergusson, F. F. Giraud, Lord Conway, H. W. Knocker, Hubert Elgar, Ralph Griffin, Richard Cooke, Aymer Valiance, Charles Cotton, S. W. Wheatley, William Whiting, Henry Hannen, F. W. Hardman, and F. W. Cock, many of whom were known far and wide outside the county. If the next hundred years produces names of equal distinction the author of the paper
 recounting the Society’s history from 1957 to 2057 will 

have plenty of material to build upon. But he will, I am sure, want to end his account by quoting, as I do with some verbal alteration, the exhortation with which Council closed its Report to the First Annual Meeting:

"Encouraging as this state of things is, it must not be forgotten that every energy will be requisite in all our Members to continue the Society in that state of permanent prosperity and usefulness which we conceive it has in the past hundred years attained."

Page 42 

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