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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70  1956  page 15
The Origin and First Hundred Years of the Society

By Frank W. Jessup, Honorary General Secretary   continued

the party then progressing to Cooling Castle, Cliffe Church, Cobham Hall (where the habitual cold collation was enjoyed) and Cobham Church.
   Thus was set the pattern which the Annual General Meetings followed until the 1914-18 war halted, temporarily, the Society’s activities. It is impossible, when reading accounts of the early meetings, to withhold admiration for the stamina which our predecessors showed. They sat through business meetings, they sat through the reading of numerous papers, some of them, as even contemporary judgment admitted, "of considerable length," they undertook lengthy excursions, either by horse carriage or on foot, they listened to sometimes prolix descriptions of the buildings visited (usually churches), they examined attentively and enthusiastically the temporary museums assembled for their benefit, and they despatched a substantial dinner.’

Saumons a la Mayonnaise
Salades de Homard a la Rachael
Galantines de Volaile
Anguiles en Aspic
Salad de Saumon a la Tartar
Galantine de Veau
Cotes de Boeuf roti
Quartiers d’Agneau
Galantine de Dindon

Roast Fowls
Braised Fowls a la Creme

Cremes Françaises


                      Champagne (Roederer)  ..  .. 10 0
                      Moselle  ..   ..   ..   ..   ..  ..  ..   8 0
                      Still Hock    ..   ..   ..   ..  ..  ..   7 0
                      Bucellas  ..   ..   ..   ..   ..  ..  ..   6 0
                      Claret ..  ..   ..   ..   ..   ..  ..  ..    6 0
                      Sherry..   ..  ..   ..   ..   ..  ..  ..    6 0
                      Port .  ..   ..  ..   ..   ..   ..  ..  ..    7 0

In time it became the practice for papers to be read at the evening meeting on the first day. At Maidstone, for example, in 1882, five papers were read at the evening meeting (which began at 7 o’clock) and George Payne, one of the lecturers, is specifically mentioned as "having
   1 The menu of the "Déjeuner" held at the Bull Hotel, Dartford, on the 25th July, 1867, having chanced to survive, I cannot resist the temptation to include it verbatim:

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