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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70  1956  page 6
The Origin and First Hundred Years of the Society

By Frank W. Jessup, Honorary General Secretary   continued

extensive practice.1 James Crosby, F.S.A., of London, a well-wisher to both counties, tried to bring about a compromise. Larking offered to express his regret for anything he had done to offend Bish Webb— "anything for the sake of peace"—but nothing seems to have come of Crosby’s efforts.
   And so the meeting called for 22nd October took place: Crosby wrote Larking a long account of it, which is thus recorded in the
   "The weather was terrific and only 15 were present. Crosby’s suggestion that a Kent Society being now formed, it would be impertinent in Surrey to interfere, was scouted, as was also the list of our 215 Members, including the chief men of the County, gathered in one month. A Resolution was proposed for carrying the Junction into effect—Crosby moved an amendment, to the effect that the attempt at amalgamation was needless and ungracious, and thanking the Surrey people for having aroused Kent to action. The amendment was lost, there being 7 for and 8 against. The Original motion was then put, when oddly enough that was lost too (neither the proposer nor the seconder voting for their own motion); there being 7 for, and 8 against it— so ‘there is an end of it’ says Crosby—I doubt, seeing the 

mood of Webb—my prophecy, however, thus far is true:
                                Crines pulvere collivit’
—though in the past tense it don’t exactly scan . . . nei
could that selfwilled, headstrong, reckless man scan his task and capabilities—’ adulteros crines pulvere coffivit ‘—peace be with him—and if he attempts to revenge himself by fresh assaults, as I fully expect that he will—mark me, his second fall will be heavier and fouler than the first."
Thus the threat of what, to Larking, appeared to be little short of annexation by Surrey seemed to have been disposed of. Now he could get on with the affairs of the Society, and deal with its own, internal, problems, of which perhaps the most serious was the dilatoriness of the printer to whom was entrusted the printing of the many circulars which at this time Larking was sending out by the hundred. His exasperation with the printer is only too plain—" that’ man is incurable," "helpless and hopeless," "arousing from his slumbers and blunders," "his paltry excuses about the delays," are a few of the entries in the Journal.
But a more sinister entry appears on 12th November: "The
1 For this information I am indebted to our member and very good friend, Mr. A. W. G. Lowther, F.S.A., the present Honorary Secretary of the Surrey Archaeo1ogica1 Society.

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