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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69 - 1955  pages 196
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1954-55 Continued

1559-1650; New Arbour in Sevington, 1650-93; Bonnington, 150940; Raymonds in Wye, 1679-1708; Kersney in River and Ewell, 1681-87; Oxney and Sybsnorth in Ruckinge, members of the manor of Aldington, 1524-25; St. Margaret Hills in Darenth, 1811-34; Bilsington, 1361-1563; and Bilsington Inferior, 1400-1587.
   Deeds, etc., of Cranbrook and district [Cat. Mk. U78], presented by Major Eric Clarke.
   Manorial documents. Hartridge in Cranbrook, Frittenden and Staplehurst, 1759-1812; Stone, Sissinghurst and Copton in Cranbrook, 1734-1812.
   Deeds. About 4,000: mainly for Cranbrook, 1572-1935; also Benenden, 1621-1892; Biddenden, 1709-1899; Hawkhurst, 1539-1888; Sandhurst, 1613-1913; and Sussex, 1550-1875.
   Family papers. Settlements, etc., of the Austen, Hodges and Pattenson families, 1627-1902.
   Maps. Hawkhurst, 1669-1866; Horsmonden, c.1700-c.1820; Cranbrook, 1751-1825; and the Hemsted Place Estate in Benenden, ete., 1779, 1861.
   Master MSS. [Cat. Mk. U119], presented by Henry Woodall, Esq.
   Deeds. Over 200: mainly for Mereworth and West and East Peckham, 1316-1812.
   Business papers. Merchant’s account book, 1617-18; letter book kept by the master of a merchantman, 1677-1706.

   Filmer MSS. [Cat. Mk. U120]. Manorial documents. East Sutton, 1340-1914; Wichling, 1568-1919; Hoathley in Lamberhurst, 1586-1756; Luddenham, 1574-1920; Kingsnorth in Ulcombe and Boughton Malherbe, 1503-1919; Denstead in Chartham, 1488-89; Tremworth in Crundale, 1648-1920; Sutton Valence, 1627-1925; the den of Smarden, 1684-1915.
   Deeds. About 2,000: mainly for East Sutton, 1397-1836; also Borden, 1621-1826; Chartham, c.1200-i857; Headcorn, 1538-1840; Luddenham, 1662.1862; and Sutton Valence, 1395-1854.
   Family papers. Marriage settlements, genealogical and testamentary papers, pedigree, grant of arms, patent of nobility and diaries, all of the Filmer family, 1437-1930.
   Correspondence. Civil War correspondence of Sir Robert Filmer, 1643.48; Virginia correspondence of Henry Filmer, 1639-83; and of many other members of the Filmer family, 1607-1866, including a large series addressed to Sir Edward (3rd Bart.) with references to the education of his sons, 17 12-56, and a group from King Edward VII as Prince of Wales to Sir Edmund (9th Bart.), 1865-66.
   Accounts. Estate and household accounts, 1695-1834.
   Official. Magistrate’s notebook, 1609-25; militia correspondence, 1758-61.

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