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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69  1955  page 31


the one above, found lying at the same angle a few inches below it. The brooch is doubtless from the same mould but there are slight differences in the extent of the beading of the ridges which took place after casting. This brooch had 11 cells across the bow. All its garnet inlays are present.
A silver-gilt spoon (Pl. XIII) found between the knees with the bowl inverted. The spoon has an adjustable silver wire suspension loop which passes through a hole in the handle.

 This loop shows clearly the marks of wear by suspension. The handle is octagonal in section and its upper and two sides are inlaid with zig-zag niello work. The bowl is deep (7/8 in.) and is perforated with nine holes arranged in the form of a right-angled cross. It is possible to see the scribed lines which were made in the laying out of the pattern for the holes. The edges of the bowl broaden out into flanges to strengthen the junction of bowl with handle. These flanges

1. Grave 24 ; 2. Grave 42.

 are decorated with two beaked heads and eyes in punched dot technique, and the two cast and chased curved beaks, the eyes of which are set with (?) hemispherical garnets. The base of the handle on its upper surface is cast in the form of an animal head. The eyes are cast metal and there is niello inlay on the head and above the eyes. The heads of two of the three rivets which attach bowl to handle were incorporated into the decorative scheme as ears of the 

animal head. The nose is expanded to accommodate a triangular setting of garnet underlain by gold foil. On its underside also the base of the handle is cast in the form of an animal head with cast eyes and ears which are once again the heads of the securing rivets. There is niello inlay on the fore-head and along the length of the nose (Fig. 11, No. 1). The third securing rivet for handle

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