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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69  1955  page 25


protuberance (in the left parietal bone). The edges of the hole are smooth and fairly sharp; supine, full length, arms straight; 79 deg., 2 ft. 11 in. deep.
   No finds.
GRAVE 35. A young person, sex unknown; about 12 years of age; supine, full length, head pillowed, both arms straight; this grave had intruded upon but not disturbed grave 36; 97 deg., 2 ft. 8 in. deep.
   Finds. A bronze bodkin (Fig. 5, No. 2) on the right shoulder. The eye of the bodkin was broken in antiquity.
   GRAVE 36. A man; 5 ft. 8 in.; 55-60 years of age; supine, full length, right arm across the pelvis, head pillowed; from just above the knees to the feet this skeleton lay 6 in. below the lowest level of the head end of grave 35; 118 deg., 3 ft. 2 in. deep.
   Finds. A bronze-gilt buckle and rectangular attachment- plate (Pl. X, No.1) at the left waist, tongue pointing left. The belt was joined to the buckle by being clamped between two bronze strips, each ¼ in. wide and in fragmentary condition, which were bent around the stem of the buckle. The rivets show a clearance of 1/6 in. to accommodate the belt. A flat bracket fastened the ends of these two bronze strips to the back of the attachment-plate along the side nearest the buckle. The attachment-plate consists of a rectangular casing, 1/6 in. deep with a bronze back-plate. This casing is divided 

into a number of cells of  triangular, quadrilateral and semi-circular shapes. All the cells, except the central oval-shaped one, are set with thin slices of coloured glass. The four semi-circular cells are set with green glass; the four cells adjacent to the central one with blue glass; the remainder with red glass. The central setting is missing and we have no means of knowing what the cell once contained. It is tempting to see an intaglio such
as is centrally set in the attachment-plate from grave 32, in this position. Each of the glass inlays is underlain by gold foil, some of which bears a decoration of ring and dot within squares of chequer pattern (cf. The pattern on the gold foil underlying the inlays of the attachment-plate from grave 17). The cloisonné surface shows a slight convexity. The attachment-plate was joined to the belt by four bronze rivets, one at each corner. On the surface of the plate these rivets were housed within the curved ends of the bronze cell-walls.
   GRAVE 37. A young girl; 10-11 years of age; supine, full length, arms straight, head pillowed; 119 deg., 2 ft. 4 in. deep.
   Finds. An iron knife at the right arm.
   Nine bronze staples at the right hand side of the skull. They vary in size, and the largest, smallest and intermediate sizes are shown in Fig. 11, No. 3. Whatever their purpose they do not seem to have contained

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