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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 68 - 1954  pages 203
                    Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1953-54 Continued      

   Norman MSS. [Cat. Mk. U310], presented by Major-General C. W. Norman.
   Manorial. Bromley Rectory, 1646.
   Deeds. 571 : for Bromley, 1672-1881 ; Cudham, 1578-1860; East Farleigh, 1623-1849 ; West Farleigh, 1623-1837 ; East Peckham, Yalding and Nettlestead, 1788-19 19 ; and small numbers for Chelsfield,
Harrietsham, Lenham, Hayes, Maidstone, Orpington, Farnborough, 1713- 1855.
   Family Papers. Wills, settlements, correspondence, journals, household and estate accounts of the Norman family, 1743-1904 ; architectural notes made by one of the Emmett family, c. 1780.
   Business papers of the Norman family, 1759-1831.
   Maps. Bromley and neighbouring parishes, 1759-1884; Cudham, 1729, 1805 ; East Farleigh, 1838, 1840; Hayes, 1767, 1845 ; East Peckham, 1760, 1836 ; Nettlestead, 1836, 1861.
   Dering MSS. [Cat. Mk. U350], deposited by Mrs. C. Langworthy and Mrs. Sturgess. (See also T5133, 275).
   Manorial. Pluckley, 1564.
   Deeds. 104: mainly for Pluckley and Little Chart and Smarden, c. 1275-1654. Family papers, including letters of confraternity, 1471-94, and many genealogical notes.

Correspondence of Edward Dering, c. 1570-76; of Sir Edward Dering and other members of the family, 1607-1737 ; of Henry Dering, 1675-8; and of Sir Robt. Southwell and Chas. Dering to Sir Edward Dering while at Berlin seeking an alliance with the Elector of Brandenburg, 1680. Estate papers, including personal accounts, 1617-27. Volume of copies of Canterbury charters and other Canterbury records, c. 1600 ; list of English justices of the peace, 1598 ; copies of letters regarding holding of assizes in Kent, 1634-6, and other official papers. Various transcripts, genealogical notes and pedigrees mainly compiled by Sir Edward Dering.
   Brett MASS. [Cat. Mk. U352], presented by Major R. J. K. Mott per Somerset County Council.
   Manorial. Clavertigh in Etham, 1621-1730.
   Deeds. 600: mainly for Wye, 1349-1811 ; and small numbers for numerous other scattered parishes.
   Official. Lay subsidy roll for St. Augustine, 1602. Parish records and transcripts of parish records for Wye, 1539-1762.
   Miscellaneous. Papers relating to Wye Charities, 1653-1767 ; roll of the Mayors of Canterbury; repair and rebuilding of Wye Bridge, 1638, 1684.

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