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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 68 - 1954  pages 201
                    Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1953-54 Continued      

papers of the Banks family, 1654-90, including a minute book of a company trading to the East Indies, 1655-60. Estate papers and accounts, 1670-1914. Minute and account book of the commissioners for the assessment and collection of the royal aids in the south division of the lathe of Aylesford, 1664-7.
   Maps. Volume containing 20 maps of the estates of the Earl of Aylesford in Aylesford, Boxley, Maidstone, etc., 1804 and 1812, with detailed reports on the state of the properties.
   Deeds for Lenham and Harty [Cat. Mk. U240], presented by Messrs. Day, Solicitors.
   57 for Lenham, 1753-1874; 56 for Harty, 1726-1850.
   Burrow MSS. [Cat. Mk. T5245], presented by Major-General Butler per Commander Roberts.
   Deeds. 43 for Swanscombe, Stone, Longfield, Meopham and Rochester, 1390-1812.
   Family papers. Illuminated pedigree of the de Burgh and de Roos families, c. 1500. Genealogical notes and pedigrees of the Burrow family, compiled 1745-50.
Miscellaneous Documents [Cat. Mk. U249], presented by D. S. Thompson, Esq.
   Manorial documents. Southborough in Tonbridge, 1728-1871 ; Stangrave in Edenbridge and St. John of Jerusalem in Cowden, 1800-60; Chiddingstone Cobham, 1727-1836; and Great and Little Pembury, 1514-1722.

  Official. Militia roll for the lower part of the Southern division of the lathe of Aylesford, 1807-28.
   Miscellaneous. Historical notes concerning Tonbridge, compiled post 1861.
   Documents [Cat. Mk. U253], presented by Rupert Gunnis, Esq.
   Correspondence. About 140 letters of the Evelyn and Hume families, 1755-1788.
   Knatchbull-Hugessen MSS. [Cat. Mk. U274], deposited by Doreen Lady Brabourne.
   Manorial. East Lenham, 1459-1731 ; Walmer, 1618-85.
   Deeds. Over 500: mainly for Mersham and neighbouring parishes, Lenham, Postling, Ivychurch and neighbourhood, 1533-1864 (Knatchbull family); and for Norton, Oare, Chislet, Walmer, Luddenham and Linsted, 1498-1782 (Hugessen family) ; and properties in Denbigh, Norfolk, Suffolk and Wiltshire.
   Family papers. Creations of Baron of Kintaill, 1609, and Earl of Seafort, 1623. Commissions in various forces, 1803-1919.
   Legal. Various cases, mainly concerning disputes over real or personal estate, 1520-1837, but including extracts from sewers records in a case arising out of the diversion of the R. Rother, 1623-1726.

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