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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 68 - 1954  pages 200
                    Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1953-54 Continued      


   The following is a list of the more important groups of archives catalogued or re-catalogued during the year. In every case the collections were received in the office before August, 1953.
   Yalding School MSS. [Cat. Mk. Ch 3], deposited by Colonel Reid.
   Deeds. 12 for Yalding, 1668-1845.
   Miscellaneous. Trustees’ minute book, 1845.1903. Accounts, 1842-65. Correspondence and papers dealing with the regulation of the trust, 1841-74.

   Rokeby MSS. [Cat. Mk. U33], presented by B. N. Truman, Esq. 
   Deeds. About 375: for Monks Horton and neighbouring parishes, 1543-1832.
   Estate papers. Correspondence concerning claims for compensation following the building of the Royal Military Canal, 1803-31.
   Maps. Monks Horton, etc., c. 1810.
   Coles MSS. [Cat. Mk. U106], deposited by J. H. Coles, Esq., and Miss Coles.

   Deeds. 19 for Hockeridge Mill, Cranbrook, 1511-1756. Family Papers. Estate accounts, 1811-63.
Full Calendar of Deeds available
   Dering MSS.
[Cat. Mk. 1J133], presented by Dr. H. E. Littledale. (See also 1J275, 350.)
   Correspondence, 1650-89.
   Estate papers. Cornish estate papers, 1714-41 ; Inquisition after the death of Sir Edward Dering, 1645.
   Official. Lay subsidy roll, 1629.
Miscellaneous Documents [Cat. Mk. U157], presented by Major Teichman Derville.
   Manorial documents. Eastbridge, 1356-1802.
   Official. New Romney rent roll [mutilated], 1606.
   Miscellaneous. Proceedings in disputed election for mayor of New Romney, 1735-56; transcript of schoolmaster’s diary, 1732.55.
   Aylesford MSS. [Cat. Mk. U234], presented by the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Aylesford.
   Manorial. Bredhurst, 1664-80.
   Deeds. c. 150: Mainly for Aylesford, Boxley, Burham and Maid-stone, 1412, 1637-1905; the advowson of Ditton, 1564-1679, 1796-1899; and small numbers for Thurnham, Stockbury, Detling, Rainham, Isle of Sheppey, 1671-1841.
   Family papers. Merchants’ accounts, letter books and business

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