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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 68 - 1954  pages 199
                    Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1953-54 Continued      

Business papers of Thomas Moore, wine merchant of Alicante, c. 1780-1817.
   Official. Militia roll for Calehill Hundred, c. 1415. Ship Money assessments and Civil War papers, c. 1636-55.
   Maps. Chartham, 1633; Charing, 1790 and 1814; and Charing and Little Chart, 1639.
   Manorial documents of Teynham and district [Cat. Mk. U390], deposited by S. Wilson, Esq.
Manorial documents. Charing and the Hundred of Calehill, 1730-1934, Bedmangore, The Lodge and Newnham in Newnham and Linsted, 1562-1709, Sholland, Monkton, and Sharsted in iNewnham, Doddington and Otterden, 1572-1760, Graveney, 1626-1921, Norton, 1751-1927,
Teynham, 1657-1932, Throwley, 1720-1901, and Westwood in Preston, 1744-1901.
   Deeds. Ten for the Manor of Charing, 1629-92, and five for the site of the workhouse in Faversham, 1835-6.
   Miscellaneous. Tithe accounts, 1797-1827.
   Deeds of Goudhurst, 163, 1711-1948 [Cat. Mk. 1J394], presented by Messrs. Home and Birkett.
   Hussey MSS. [Cat. Mk. U409], deposited by Christopher Hussey, Esq.
   Manorial documents. Scotney and Chingly in Lamberhurst and Wadhurst, ante 1661-93; the archiepiscopal manors of Maidstone, Charing, Boughton, Teynham and Gillingham, 1488-89; Beancrouch, Prickles,

Highland and Hawkwell in Pembury, and Southfield in Tudeley, 1701-1840.
   Deeds. 951 : mainly for Goudhurst, 1405-1803; Rolvenden, 1400-1803; Woodchurch, 1477-1794; Brenchley, 1451-1744; Bidden-den, 1621-1745; and small numbers for Ashford, Cranbrook, Brenzett, Dymchurch, Ivychurch, Brookiand, Leeds, and over 300 deeds of Sussex.
   Accounts. Annual bundles of estate and household vouchers, 1737-1817, 1829-1913.
   Map. Hinxhill, Wye, Willesborough and Mersham, 1713.
   Glassenbury MSS. [Cat. Mk. U410], deposited by the Baroness Nettelbladt-Roberts.
   Manorial documents. Cranbrook, Glassenbury, Aldington, and Morys Court in Bapchild, c. 1550-c. 1715.
Deeds. Over 400, mainly for Ivychurch, Brookland and Brenzett, Tenterden, Bapchild and neighbouring parishes, 1428-1810.
   Miscellaneous. Receiver General’s Commissions and Quieti and other taxation papers of Thomas Redford, 1768-96. Parish records of Hawkhurst, being mainly the papers of John Chawner, curate there from 1751, 1710-c. 1820.

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