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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 66 - 1953  pages 71
Kent Archives Office 1953 continued

   Croft MSS. (Deposited by Sir John W. G. Croft, Bart.)
   Deeds. 115 mainly for Doddington and Newnham, 1645-1774; Chartham, 1361-1536; Egerton, 1374-1579; High Halstow, 1440; 1642, and small numbers for Frindsbury and Strood, Rochester and Sandwich.
   Family papers. Wills, etc., for members of the Barrell anc Dodsworth families; appointments, including that of Francis Barrel. as recorder of Rochester, 1673.
   Map. Doddington, 1737.
   Bouverie-Pusey MSS. (Deposited by Capt. E. Bouverie-Pusey and trustees, per Berkshire County Council):
   Deeds. 255 mainly for Chart Sutton, Sutton Vallence, and Boughton Monchelsea, 1502-1752; and small numbers for Otham and Langley.
   Family papers. Correspondence, accounts, etc., relating to the Chart estates, 1515-1839, including some papers for Sir Edward Hales

   Denne MSS. (Presented by E. H. Denne, Esq.):
   Deeds. 278 mainly for Ickham, Littlebourne and Wickhambreux 1626-1836.
   Family papers. Wills, etc., for members of the Denne and Austin families, 1618-1822; inventories and various estate, papers, 1625-1803; letters regarding an apprentice in London, 1665-68; appointment of keeper of Forest of Blean, 1714.
   Maps. Ickham, c. 1690, 1817; Wickhambreux, 1766.
   Adams MSS. (Presented by E. G. Adams, Esq.): 
   Deeds. 34 for Appledore, 1610-1822; Egerton, 1396-1637, and Marden, 1628-1665. Full calendar of deeds available.
Family papers. Executorship accounts, 1680.

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