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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 66 - 1953  pages 68
Kent Archives Office — 1953 continued

   (b) Walland and Denge Marsh Commissioners. Decrees, 1632-1918; inquisitions, 1738-1851 ; accounts, 1644-1925; vouchers, 1859-1926; scot books, 1549-1919; commission, 1841; miscellaneous papers, correspondence, law suits, etc., 1632-1926; maps, etc., 1832-1910.

   No systematic survey of parochial archives under the Local Government Act of 1933, nor any approach though the Church Measure of 1929 has as yet been made in Kent. The archives held are few and somewhat scrappy in character but comprise:
   (a) Diocese of Canterbury—Benenden, tithe records, 1786-99; West Cliffe, overseers’ records, 1740-62 ; Elmstead, registers, 1538-1812, churchwardens’ accounts, 1762-1822, overseers’ records, 1792-1804; Goudhurst, transcript of registers, 1558-1938, vestry minutes, 1744-1831, overseers’ accounts, 1767-1900; Langley, tithe records, 1615-1826; Newnham, tithe records, 1795-1817; Staplehurst, churchwardens’ accounts, 1665-1844, vestry minutes, 1724-1836, overseers’ records, 1646-1845, surveyors’ records, 1759-1844; East Sutton, church-wardens’ accounts, 1778-1841 ; Sutton Valence, churchwardens’ accounts, 1708-57.

    (b) Diocese of Rochester—Brenchley, churchwardens’ accounts, 1746-1845, overseers’ records, 1777-1836; Cowden, transcript of registers, 1566-1805, vestry minutes, 1811-34, overseers’ records, 1600-1836, surveyors’ records, 1831-63; East Mailing, registers, 1570-1819, churchwardens’ accounts, 1752-1946, vestry minutes, 1818-1921, overseers’ records, 1727-1879, surveyors’ records, 1773-1859; Tonbridge, churchwardens’ accounts, 1728-1821, vestry records, 1729-1888, overseers’ records, 1670-1870, surveyors’ records, 1760-1862, apprenticeship indentures, 1589-1769, and tithe survey, 1809.

   It is impossible in the space allotted to give more than the briefest indication of what the office holds in this respect, moreover section (3) below gives considerably more detail for specific collections. The variety of archives to be found in Family and Estate accumulations is remarkable but in general terms one may expect some or all of the following classes
   (a) Manorial records—court rolls, estreats, rentals, surveys and bailiffs’ accounts (compoti).
   (b) Title deeds—of all descriptions from c. 1175

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