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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 66 - 1953  pages 67
Kent Archives Office — 1953 continued

Commissions of the Peace, 1640-1869. Militia records, 1679-1860.
Clerk of the Peace records including insolvent debtors’ papers, nineteenth century.
   (c) General Sessions records, 1814-1889.1
Minutes, papers and bills for whole period.
   (d) Transferred records—comprising chiefly Guardians records, 1835-1930 for all Unions except Canterbury; a few pre-1834 records for Unions of Faversham and Eastry; volumes of minutes for various Assessment Boards, Rural Sanitary Authorities and Highway Boards; records of Joint Vagrancy Committees, of Barming Asylum and of the Stanhope Industrial School; and Minutes and other records for a number of Turnpike Trusts, 1718-1884. In addition archives of the Sandwich Borough Court of Quarter Sessions 1790-1951, have been transferred by an Order under the Act of 1948.

   (a) Probate Records—Canterbury (Archdeaconry and Consistory Courts)
   These consist primarily of original wills, 1450-1858,  registers of wills, 1396-1858; act books, 1487-1858; inventories, 1566-1842; and numerous other classes

including some non-Probate records, notably a few visitation books, 1565-1779, papers of the court of record of the Liberty of St. Augustine, 1640-91, and papers of the court of Vice-Admiralty, early eighteenth century.
   (b) Probate Records—Rochester (Archdeaconry and Consistory Court) ; Original wills, 1623-1857 ; registers of wills, 1453-1857; act books, 1635-1857 ; inventories and other papers, 1666-1858.
   (c) Probate Records—Peculiar of Shoreham: Original wills, 1602-1841, and other papers.
   (d) Probate Records—Peculiar of Cliff, 167 1-1705.
   (e) Tithe Records—Diocese of Rochester and Southwark (for outer London parishes):
    Awards, maps, altered apportionments, etc.

   (a) East Kent Commissioners. Principal classes include decrees, 1562-1934; minutes, 1770-1862; reports, 1735-1903; petitions, 1735-1826; inquisitions, 1739-1863; accounts, 1671-1932; vouchers, 1819-1907; commissions and cognate papers, 1724-1929: maps, etc., 1720-1927.
   1 Set up in 1814 to deal with administrative and financial affairs for the whole County.

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