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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 66 - 1953  pages 66
Kent Archives Office — 1953 continued

their records in its keeping for safe custody, by endeavouring to prevent destruction of records of any kind and by using the facilities for study and research to the full. On the other hand the skilled staff of the Archives Office can help by advice and sometimes in a more practical manner whenever owners of records are in difficulties. It is hoped that a close co-operation can be developed between the many municipal boroughs and the office so that the priceless series of borough records in this county may be adequately cared for and listed. In this manner various authorities can work harmoniously together in a matter which is of great interest to all and of immense valve to posterity.

   The following list indicates the main classes of archives held by the Kent Archives Office in August, 1953—it does not pretend to be a detailed schedule of documents or collections.

(a) County Council records from 1889. (These are not normally available for research but comprise minutes, orders, title deeds, etc., and many miscellaneous classes. The records of the County Clerk’s Office are also housed in the Archives Office.)

 (b) Quarter Sessions records from 1595. (The later records of this court come under the same restrictions as those in paragraph (a), above.)
   The principal pre-1889 classes are1: 
   Court in Session:
Sessions rolls and indictment rolls, etc., from 1596; Sessions papers from 1640; Order books from 1625; Process books of indictments, 1649-1792; Minute books, 1677-1906.
   Administrative records: relating to gaols, bridges, roads, rates of wages, lunacy, etc., seventeenth-nineteenth centuries.
   Financial records:
Treasurers’ accounts and vouchers, 1708-1800; Maimed soldiers’ accounts, 1626-1641.
   Enrolment, Registration and Deposit:
Deeds of Bargain and Sale enrolled, 1595-1672 ; Enclosure awards for 31 parishes, 1805-1877 ; Highway diversions from 1733; Religious oaths from 1673; Taxation records, 1663-1832; Poll books, 1713-1837 ; Registers of electors from 1832 Alehouse recognizances, 1713-1827 ; Gamekeepers’ rolls, 1711-1807 ; Lunacy records from 1825 ; Plans of Public Utilities, from 1781 ; Jurors’ Lists, 1696-1907.
   1 It may be assumed that similar classes exist for East and West Kent Sessions.

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