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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 62  1949  pages 32

A First Century Urn-Field at Cheriton, near Folkestone. By P. J. Tester and H. F. Bing, M.A., F.R.Hist.S

   A fragment of the rim of another Samian vessel, Form 18/31, was discovered. This is not illustrated but the rim is similar to that of No. 24.
   28. Cordoned vessel, base missing; of coarse, grey-brown ware. Diameter 5.7 in. This vessel is a typical pre-Roman Belgic form, as are the other cylindrical, cordoned vessels described below.
   29. Cordoned vessel; base missing. Diam. 5 in. Decorated with five fiat cordons separated by shallow grooves; brown clay with smooth surface.
   30. Cordoned vessel of coarse grey ware, ht. 5.1 in., diam. 6.5 in.
   31. Large cordoned vessel with hollow pedestal base, ht. 7.9 in., diam. 9.6 in.; smooth, black surface. Recovered entire with contents of burnt bone and part of a bronze Swarling-type brooch, described under separate heading.
   32. Large cordoned vessel, ht. 9.7 in., diam. 7.8 in.; coarse, dark-grey ware with remains of black coating on rim; incised, zig-zag ornament, composed of broken lines, between two upper cordons. Double and triple incised lines occur between lowest cordon and base. This and the other butt-shaped vessels recovered from the site are typically Belgic.
   33. Cordoned vessel, of gritty, dark-grey ware, ht. 8.7 in., diam. 7 in.; three low cordons about body. Used as an

urn and recovered with contents of burnt bone. One side only of the urn remains but it was originally ornamented with a ring of four (?) pear-shaped protuberances below the upper cordon and again above the lowest cordon. Five incised lines form a band between base and lowest cordon. Two holes have been drilled below the rim, probably for suspension.
   34. Pedestal-base vessel of Belgic type, closely resembling No. 11, but smaller, ht. 4.3 in., diam. 5.5 in.
   35. Screw-neck flask, of sandy, orange-red clay, ht. approximately 7 in., diam. 5.2 in.
   36. Cordoned vessel, ht. 5.8 in., diam. 5 in. Dark-grey, gritty clay with remains of black coating inside rim. Recovered almost entire; no human remains in contents, so not used as cinerary urn.
   37. Vessel of unusual form, partly reconstructed from fragments, ht. 9.5 in., diam. 7.2 in. Hollow pedestal base; hard yellow-buff ware.
   38. Vessel partly reconstructed from fragments, ht. 8.4 in., diam. 72 in. Grey-brown ware with traces of decoration similar to No. 14.
   39. Bowl of gritty black clay, ht. 2~3 in., diam. 6~6 in. Traces of black coating on outside. Part of a heavily corroded, triangular

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