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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 62  1949  pages 24

A First Century Urn-Field at Cheriton, near Folkestone. By P. J. Tester and H. F. Bing, M.A., F.R.Hist.S

   1. Cinerary urn, ht. 6.6 in., diameter 6.9 in. Gritty, dark-grey ware with traces of black coating on inside of rim. Two low cordons around neck and a third around shoulder. This vessel contained calcined bone fragments with pieces of a heavily corroded iron brooch. A similar find, in association with a pedestal urn, was made at Swarling.
   2. Jar, ht. 4.3 in., diam. 3.7 in. Dark, gritty clay with traces of black coating on rim. Decorated with irregular, incised chevron ornament and with graffito on one side.
   3. Small jar, ht. 3~3 in., diam. 4 in. Gritty, black clay.

Urn with no accompanying vessels. Flint flake in soi1 near top of vessel.
   4. Cinerary urn, of carinated form, ht. 5.6 in., diam. 5.9 in. Hard grey ware with traces of black coating. Contained small quantity of burnt bones.

   5. Lower portion of cinerary urn of grey ware, diam. 6.7 in. Two cordons about shoulder, separated by bands of incised ornament, and four bands composed of short strokes around lower part of body. The urn contained a quantity of burnt: bone fragments.

   6. Flagon of buff clay, ht. approximately 7.5 in., diam. 6 in. Two-ribbed handle.
   7. Poppy-head beaker, ht. approximately 5 in., diam. 4.7 in. Buff-grey ware, surface decorated with panels of black dots. Partly reconstructed from many fragments.
   8. Samian patera, Form 18/31, ht.. 1.7 in., diam. 6.7 in. Illegible potter’s stamp at centre of bowl; glaze badly worn on inside. Probably Domitian-Trajan, A.D. 80-110.
   9. Samian cup, Form 27, ht. 19 in., diam. 39 in. Glaze worn. Probably Domitian, circa A.D. 80-90.

Between the bases of the two vessels comprising this group, there was a small heap of calcined bones, apparently laid directly in the soil or originally enclosed in a bag. Two bronze brooches of Swarling type, described under separate heading, rest ed on top of these Neither of the associated vessels contained human remains.
   10. Belgic type vessel, ht. 9 in., diam. 6 in. Three low cordons around body; gritty, dark-grey ware.
   11. Belgic type vessel, ht. 5.3 in., diam. 6.5 in. Smooth black surface and pedestal base; incised, wavy lines about body and shallow furrows above base. "Arcaded" ornament around shoulder.

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