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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 58 - 1945 page 76


John Bowra: Land Surveyor and Cartographer

A previous note under this heading (v. Arch. Cant., Vol. LIII, p. 137) concluded with a conjecture that many other John Bowra maps lay buried in lawyers' and estate offices in various parts of Kent and Sussex. That this was indeed the case is now shown by the valuable collection of maps of properties in West Kent recently presented to the Kent Archæological Society by Mr. John Knocker, of Tonbridge. Among these are nine John Bowra maps of various dates between 1748 and 1780, the year in which he died.
   The K.A.S. having kindly permitted me the loan of these maps I am able to list them briefly as follows:

1748. A Map of Land lying in the Parishes of Leigh & Tunbridge, Hadlow & Frant in the County of Kent belonging to Mr. John Oliver.
   The area surveyed covers some 135 acres and includes Hayman's Farm, Hawkenbury Wood, and several other small holdings of fields and woods. Names of neighbouring landowners are given as Wm. Perry, Esq, Dixon, Doctr Budgen, Lord Abergavenny, Widow Buss, Hutton, Esq.

1754. Land in Tudeley, Caple, and Brenchley in the County of Kent belonging to Widdw Simmons.
   The survey includes a number of fields, some 36 acres in all, with names of tenants --- Thos. Towns, Mills, Hollamby, Mapesden, 

Hartrige, Elcock, Wm Driver, Widd. Buss, Capt. Markibs.

1755. Lands in the parish of Ightham in Kent belonging to Mr Wm Kipping.
   This is a survey of some 22 acres, bordered by the property of Willm James, Esq. The road from Basted to Borough Green is shown, with some cottages at Borough Green. John Dorman and Mrs Pollard are given as neighbouring owners.

1757. Land lying in the Parish of East Peckham in the County of Kent belonging to Mr John Cheesman.
   The plan covers about 35 acres of Plain Land, Rough & Wast, and depicts the situation of a few cottages. Neighbours are Mr Thos. Kippings, Mr Thos Martin, Mr John Simmons, Thos. Gardiner, Thos. Bishop, Sir Wm Twisden.

1759. Land in the Parish of Yalding in the County of Kent belonging to Mr William Fleet.
   Fields, orchards, and woods, some 17 acres. Bounded by Yalding Leese, Madam Austin's land, Mr Mason's land, Mr Willm Ling's, Sir John Shaw's, Plumber Esqr's, Mr John Simmonds.

1761. Land lying in the Parish of East Peckham in the County of Kent belonging to Mr Willm Curd.
   Plain land, Rough & Waste, 3a.5r.5p. Farm House and cottages shown. Adjoining properties held by Esau S. Simmonds, Selby Esq, Widw Thomson.

1769. A Map of the Bank Farm lying in the Parish of Tunbridge in the County of Kent Belonging to Mr Richd Children

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