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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 58 - 1945 page 44
By Ronald G. Hatton,   C.B.E., D.Sc., F.R.S., and the Rev. Christopher H. Hatton, O.S.B.

"acceptance thereof by the Corporation of Maidstone my Trustees shall hold the said Portraits UPON THE TRUSTS of the Bradbourne Estate or as near thereto as may be as heirlooms therewith AND I DIRECT my Executors to permit the Trustees of the National Portrait Gallery the Kent Archæological Society and the Corporation of Maidstone to inspect and take extracts from the notes and memoranda which relate to the said portraits or the history or authenticity of them or any of them."
   The Kent Archæological Society accepted this bequest on June 9th, 1938, and under an agreement made with the Kent Incorporated Society for Promoting Experiments in Horticulture (better known as the East Malling Research Station) the portraits remain at Bradbourne, Larkfield (Plate I), lately the seat of Sir J. R. Twisden, Bart., but now the property and headquarters of the Research Station. On hearing that the rest of the family portraits were to remain at Bradbourne, the Trustees of the National Portrait Gallery returned the six portraits especially bequeathed to them in order that the collection might remain complete in its most appropriate setting (Plate II).
   Bradbourne is open to members of the Kent Archæological Society on special application to the Society's Librarian, Dr F. Panton for the purpose of seeing the portraits.
   The principal references in Archæologia Cantiana to the Twysden and Twisden family are as follows:

"Sir Roger Twysden's Journal," I, 184; II, 175; III, 145;
    IV, 131.
"Will of Roger Twysden" (1464), III, 200.
"Will of Thomas Twysden" (1500), III, 203.
"A Chapter of County Gossip," V, 87.
"A Passage in the History of the Twysden Family," 
, 50.
"The Diary of Isabella Twysden," LI, 113-36.
"The Family of Twysden and Twisden" (Review), 
, 221-4.


   Bradbourne, for the past 280 years the home of the Twisdens, was a moated house in the time of Queen Elizabeth. It belonged to George Catlynhimself a connection of the Twysdens through his Roydon wife and mother. He had no heir and sold the property to Richard Manningham, who died in 1612, and whose effigy is in East Malling Church. The fourth Manningham, Richard the younger, sold Bradbourne about 1656 to Thomas Twisden, more of whom anon.
   There were Twysdens established in Kent, both at Sandhurst and Goudhurstwhere there is still a farm house of that nameat least in

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