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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 47  1935  page 203

Excavations on the site of the Leper Hospital, New Romney. 

   By Miss K. M. E. Murray

No. 5. Border fragment. Quatrefoils in circles and dots.
          The pattern incised on black enamel.
No. 6. Border fragment. Small circles in red.
No. 7. Fragment with delicate foliage pattern in red, the
           veining in lighter red, background white.
No. 8. Similar smaller fragment.
No. 9. Delicate foliage design in black on very thick glass.
Nos. 10-15. Fragments showing foliage and formal
                    patterns in red.
Nos. 16-20. No. 18 certainly, and the others possibly,
                    fragments of an architectural design in black.
No. 21. Two pieces (joining) of a pattern showing a
             roundel with a cinquefoil in the centre, in red.
Nos. 22, 23. Pieces of an inscription in red. No. 22
                    appears to be a P.
No. 24. Piece of thick glass with foliage and chequer
             pattern in red. Probably part of a descriptive
             scene rather than a purely decorative design.

24 (actual size).

Very little pottery was found, and all was of the late fourteenth or fifteenth century and un-stratified. Glazed fragments include a piece of a jug with olive green glaze and rosettes in relief, two fragments of green glazed jug rims, and two of flat jug bases glazed with yellow-brown glaze inside. Unglazed fragments included three rims in coarse gritty ware, sharply moulded and out-turned, a flat base, a round jug handle in gritty

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