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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 47  1935  page 201

Excavations on the site of the Leper Hospital, New Romney. 

   By Miss K. M. E. Murray

window glass, suggests that the remains discovered are a part of the Hospital church or chapel rebuilt about 1363. It is unfortunate that so far too little of the foundations have been found to enable the plan to be recovered.
   Only one other piece of wall foundation was found, a very short stretch of wall just over a foot thick, built on the same alignment as the supposed "church" but further to the north, and apparently forming the south-east angle or buttress of a building, the limits of which were not fully explored. Between the two buildings was a considerable area of flooring composed of cement on a layer of slates.
   All these remains must belong to the last period of the Hospital’s existence, subsequent to the 1363 rebuilding. In two places to the north of the "church", pits were dug to a depth of 5 feet, and while no pottery was found below the fourteenth-fifteenth century floor level, the ‘heavy loam and, clay underlying it showed traces of charcoal and. decomposed tile, so that it is possible that the twelfth and thirteenth century remains lie at a depth to which there was 

no time to penetrate this year. .. It is very much to be hoped that it will be possible to carry the exploration of the site further. The excavations this year have touched only a corner of the field.

I. Glass. (Plate II)
   The most interesting discovery was that of a large quantity of plain and patterned window glass, in a fragmentary condition. It is pronounced by the authorities at South Kensington Museum to be English glass of the second half of the fourteenth century. The most important pieces are,: .
   No. 1. Two pieces (joining) of a diamond shaped pane
              (sides about 2.2"). Traces of pattern in red.
   No. 2. Specimen of several pieces of plain glass with
              thickened rim to fit frame. ,
   No. 3. Border fragment. Pattern of roundels in red.
   No. 4. Border fragment. Quatrefoils in circles. Pattern
              left plain on a background coloured black.

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