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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 47  1935  page 198

Excavations on the site of the Leper Hospital, New Romney. 

   By Miss K. M. E. Murray

   At the suggestion of Major Teichman-Derville, who kindly provided three workmen and obtained the necessary permission from Mrs. Flisher, the present owner, some experimental trenches were dug during the last week in August, 1935, on the site of the Hospital of St. Stephen and St. Thomas, New Romney.
   Founded by Adam Cherrying in 1180-85 for lepers, the Hospital housed thirteen or fifteen "brothers and sisters" in 1322, but by 1363 no lepers had come there for a long time, and the buildings were quite derelict. It was re-founded in that year by John Fraunceys as a sort of almshouse attached to a chantry, with two resident chaplains, one of whom was to be Master. The new foundation, however, was short lived, and in 1481 the buildings were once more "ruined and collapsed "and the rents and endowments no longer sufficient to meet the expense of upkeep. Accordingly William Waynflete, 

Bishop of Winchester, then the Patron, obtained leave to appropriate the remaining rents to his newly founded college of Magdalen, Oxford, in whose hands the site remained until its sale to the present owner about thirty years ago.
   Although not a stone remains above ground to-day, there was no difficulty in identifying the site. A map of the Hospital property made for Magdalen College on June 12th, 1614, shows the building standing on the west of the town, near the Appledore road.2 The field, bounded by a track still known as the Spitalfield Lane, retains approximately its old boundaries, and its uneven surface betrays the former
   1 Cf. Victoria County History, Kent, II, 225, and references there given.
   2 The map is preserved at Magdalen College. A modern tracing of a part of it is in Romney Town Hall

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