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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45 1933  page 192
A ROMAN CEMETERY AT WEST WICKHAM. By Norman Cook and Michael J. McCarthy continued

   8. Portions of a vessel of light grey ware with darker particles and with a soapy textured, light red surface, slightly pitted.
This group may be dated to the beginning of the second century by the presence of the Drag. 35-36 patera.

Group E.
This group was found south-east of Group A and consisted of
   9. A butt-shaped beaker of thin, sandy, light red ware, body ornamented with a band of rouletting between two girth grooves and below a cordon. The base is slightly hollow: For a history of this type see Bushe-Fox, Swarling Report, page 15, No. 34. Our specimen is not likely to be 

much later than 50 A.D.
   10. A small vase of Saint Remy ware. It has a fine white paste and a reddish brown slip. The neck and base are narrow, but the actual rim and foot ring are well turned. The body, which was made in a mould has a band of raised ornament above a cordon at the greatest diameter.
   This specimen may be compared with a small jug of the same fabric found at Bapchild, near Sittingbourne, published in the Antiquarie8 Journal, Vol. X, page 161. Like its associated pot, this vessel dates within a few years of the middle of the first century.
   Portions of several other pots were found with this group but they were so fragmentary that they have not been drawn.

Page 192

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