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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45 1933  page 190
A ROMAN CEMETERY AT WEST WICKHAM. By Norman Cook and Michael J. McCarthy continued

   Somewhat similar pots to No. 1 are found in Pre-Flavian deposits at Richborough and the date of this group cannot be much later than early in the second half of the first century A.D.

Group B.
   3. A small empty flagon of thin buff ware with a grey core. The mouth is three ringed, the handle two ribbed and there are two girth grooves round the body.
   This pot which was found one yard to the east of the preceding group, had no associated finds, but contained traces of burnt bones. It was buried at the same level as Group I, that is, with its mouth just above the top of the gravel, but does not appear to have been definitely connected with it, so it has been treated as a separate group. . . . Date middle of the first century A.D.

Group C.
   This was located north east of Group A after an area due north had been explored without result. These pots were found near the surface of the ground above the gravel level and had been previously disturbed perhaps by ploughing.

   4. A flagon (imperfect) of fine, sandy, pink ware with a buff surface. The mouth and upper part of the neck are missing, also most of the handle which appears to have been two ribbed. This jug had been used as an urn and was stoppered by another inverted flagon, the majority of which was missing. This latter pot and the portions of another which was found close by, are not drawn.
   5. The base and part of the wall of a small pot of fine, smooth grey ware, the body of which is decorated with rouletting above a girth groove.

Group D.
   This group was found within eighteen inches due west of the preceding one.
   6. A red glazed ware patera of Drag. form 35.36. Most of the surface is destroyed, though it appears to have had an excellent glaze.
   7. A rim fragment of fine grey ware with a slight cordon round the neck and a narrow horizontal groove inside the rim. There were other fragments of this ware, but it was not found possible to reconstruct the whole pot.

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