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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45 1933  page 188

   By Norman Cook and Michael J. McCarthy

IN May, 1932, Mr. Clarke, the owner of No. 7 Bolderwood Way, West Wickham, was digging in the garden of his newly built house, when he came upon a large pottery vessel about 15 inches below the turf line, imbedded in the Woolwich and Reading gravels which extend below the surface in this district. Unfortunately the pot was accidentally broken before its significance was fully understood, but one of us who was present at the time (M.J.McC.) realized the importance’ of the find and carefully preserved the fragments and noted the associations. Further digging brought to light several other groups of pots in the garden of this house, which are described in detail at the end of this report. They were all either urns or accessory vessels - associated with cremation burials.
    The site was at one time part of the arable land of an

old farm and it is of interest to note that groups C and D, which ‘were buried quite close to the surface, showed signs of having been distributed by the plough. The land slopes towards a small swampy stream flowing in a northerly direction into a pond situated at the end of an old trackway known as "The Alders." On the western bank of the stream, the land rises until the line of the county boundary between Kent’ and Surrey is reached. It has recently been established that from Wickham Court to Coldharbour Green above Titsey, this boundary is on the line of a Roman road running from London, through Surrey, Kent and Sussex to Malling Down which lies east of Lewes (Antiquity, Sept., 1932). The Bolderwood Way cemetery is quite close to the line of this road, though north of the identified section, and it may be: that in accordance with the’ usual Roman practice, the

Page 188

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