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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page 29
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGB0URNE).—II. By Arthur Hussey continued

that time, and yearly occupy it as a stock for the behoof of John, and if my son shall have need or necessity within the same time by reason of sickness or any chance, then my son have it to help him. That if John shall have discretion to occupy two or three seames before he is 16, then so to do by the advice of my Ex’or and overseer; but if John die before 16 the stock and increase be sold and disposed in Milton church for our souls. Residue after debts paid to my Ex’or—Cutbert Elwood, with Dom Robert Gate overseer, to dispose for my soul in good works. Witnesses—Dom Robert Gate, Edmund True. 
[Probate 18 November 1528.]     (A. Vol. 18, fol. 68.)

   11 July 1541. Buried in the churchyard. High altar 53-4d. Dionise son of my wife four silver spoons and silver maser. William Barbor four of my basons and all my boxes. Ex’ors :— Son Garrard and John Basinden, with John Reade overseer. Son Garrard have residue to pay debts, also my three tenements in fee simple. Son Thomas all my other lands tenements. Witnesses— Thomas Austen vicar, Thomas Blokke, John Panton.
[Probate 20 July 1541.]              (A. Vol. 22, fol. 135.)

   1545. Buried in the churchyard next unto my friends. Son John £10 at his marriage or age of 24, if he die to Agnes my wife. Residue to wife Agnes my Ex’or to pay debts, with John Thornton overseer :—Witnesses :—John Thornton, John Dyne, Raynolde Cooke. 
[Probate 21 May 1545.]             (A. Vol. 24, fol. 206.)

   28 November 1525. Buried in Milton church. High altar for tithes 3-4d. Residue after debts paid to wife Elyn, who with Mr John Cheyne my Ex’ors. Wife have my lands tenements for life doing repairs, then my godson Robert Bowre have 53-4d yearly out of the profits, but the tenement and lands to Frawncesse daughter of John Cheyne in fee simple, if she die under age then to her brother William Cheyney in fee simple. Witnesses—Thomas Austen vicar, Richard Blackborn. [Probate 10 Oct. 1526.]           (A. Vol. 17, fol. 235.)

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