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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page 25
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGB0URNE).—II. By Arthur Hussey continued

issue then the Manor and the Bell remain to my Ex’ors, to find a priest born in Kent to sing in Milton church for 20 years having £7 yearly. Richard Genin have the fourth part of my Boat called the Tome, or value in money if sold by Ex’ors. Witnesses :—John Joyce, William Brown, Richard Genin, Robert Chamber.
[Probate 27 March 1548.]         (Con. Vol. 21, fol. 80,)

   15 June 1466. Buried in the churchyard. To the parish clerk and sacrist each 2d. Residue to wife Marione my Ex’or to pay debts. Feoffees—Robert Mone and Robert Hennaker. Wife have messuage with all buildings thereto, in which I dwell, next messuage of William Stevens, and five virgates of land next the rectory of Middelton, in fee simple. Also receive from Joan Berghman £20 for my messuage next the Key sold to her, and wife pay out of that money £3-6-8d to Joan my daughter after her marriage. Witnesses :—William Stevens, William Synett, Richard Bolle, Richard King. 
[No Probate Date.]                       (A. Vol. 1, fol. 193.)

   20 May 1513. Buried in the churchyard. To the gilding of the Assumption of Our Lady 16d. That two tapers of 3 lbs of wax be burned before St Loye. My house be sold and son Robert when 20 have 20/- and daughter Agnes 13-4d when 16, if both die then wife have the money. Ex’or—Thomasine my wife and have residue, with Robert Dounham overseer. 
[Probate 22 July 1513.]             (A. Vol. 12, fol. 183.)

   4 July 1488. Buried in the churchyard. Dom William Petitt vicar of the church have 13-4d to dispose for my soul. After paying debts ten ewes to my parents (not named) to each brother (no names) four ewes, and my mother have a small chest with all therein. Residue to Dom William Petitt and Bartholomew Cardon my Ex’ors to dispose for my soul. Witnesses :— Robert Coke, Beatrice Paine. 
Probate 23 Oct. 1488.]                  (A. Vol. 5, fol. 19.)

   9 Feb 1493-4. Buried in the churchyard. A taper of 1 lb of wax before St Erasmus. Wife Cecilia have my tenement with

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