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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page 20
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGB0URNE).—II. By Arthur Hussey continued

   3 April 1514. Buried in the church of Holy Trinity Milton. To the Brotherhood of St James towards a stock a bushel of malt. Ex’ors find a light before St Loye of half a lb of wax, and another before Our Lady of Piete, during eight years. To the gilding of the Tabernacle of Our Lady two bushels of malt, and to the gilding of the Roodloft over St James a bushel of malt. Wife [no name] have the napery ware in my house, except son Lowis have the second bed, and son Christopher the third bed, and my pewter and brass be divided between my wife and two sons. Wife have my great old chest until Elisabeth be married then to Elisabeth. Son Lowis the great new chest of Spruce wood, son Christopher a little chest with a spring lock, son Lawrence another chest, and my daughter a little chest which lacketh a lock. If son Christopher continue my craft he to have half the stuff of my shop with Lowis, if not Lowis have all the stuff. Son Lowis all my right in a tenement with lands in Stallfield parish, and pay all my debts and bequests, the residue to my wife and three sons. That my three sons have my great tenement in Bobbing with all thereto. Daughter Elisabeth a little house with a garden in Bobbing.

Ex’ors. :—Wife, sons Lowis and Christopher with my brother William Godyn overseer. [Probate 26 April 1514.]             (A. Vol. 12, fol. 320.)

   [No Date.] Buried in the churchyard. Wife Eme so that she pays my debts have all my moveable goods and be Ex’or, with Reignold Signet overseer. Wife have for life all my tenements and lands, and if with child a son, to my son and his heirs, my daughter not named] having out of the same 53-4d, but if a girl equally divided between my daughters, and if both die without lawful issue then sold, the money—to the churches of Bobbing and Milton each £3-6-8d, the residue disposed by the vicar, Rauff Hayman, Reignold Signet. Witness—Thomas Austen vicar of Milton. 
[Probate 7 Oct. 1517.]                (A. Vol. 13, fol. 390.)

   6 April 1552. Administration to his goods granted to Denis his widow.                    (A. Act. Vol. 10, fol. 214.)

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