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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45 1933  page 12

by dogs, it rolls itself into a ball. The fourteenth century Easter sepulchre at Childrey, Berks., has a delightful carving on one spandril of a hedgehog snatching fruit, while three dogs come up below to bark at it.
   Fortunately, the capitals Plate XI themselves of our doorway are clearer and more easily identified. On the West is a dog-faced dragon with his body and tail coiled in a circle, and ending just behind his ears. it is attacking a face or mask which at the same time is being pierced by the lance of a centaur on the other side of the capital. The centaur has a neck guard as well as a nasal to his helmet, and the lance has a divided pennon.
   On the opposite capitals are two armed horsemen

contending with lances. There is no room on the capital for the hinder part of the mount on the right. Next is a well preserved long-eared dragon eating a head, together with a lion on the other face of the capital.
   The writer has more than once in the efforts which have produced this bald description wished for the literary skill of Homer in describing the shield of Achilles (Iliad xviii.). He has found his responsibility as fascinating as it is heavy, and will be content if this detailed examination, which lays no claim to finality, makes a real contribution to our knowledge of a magnificent monument of the art of our ancestors.

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