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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45 1933  page 10

Plate IX
   (24) A man on horse back with dog, both much defaced.
   (25) Two hounds running after a hare, which has doubled among the corn. The hounds have collars, and the hare may be seen at the top of the medallion facing left.
   (26) A man on the back of an ass, with his face towards the spectator.
   (27) An ape seated on a goat’s back with a dead rabbit slung over its shoulder. This may be another circus turn.

   The dominant feature of this tympanum (as at Rochester, Patrixbourne and Betteshanger) is Our Lord seated in an aureole. Here He is surrounded by Angels, human heads, and curious animals. Splendid foliage scrolls based on acanthus divide the surface into semi-circular compartments, in which the figures are found. Neither the acanthus plant in nature, nor the acanthus design on a 

Corinthian capital have these long tendrils. Mr Philip Johnston has suggested that the tendril characteristic is due to the laying of an acanthus leaf on its side, when the serrations and curves become prominent. The tendency to form tendrils must certainly have been increased by the need of an ornament to take the place of the pre-Carolingian vine scroll. The figure of Our Lord has no nimbus. The hair is long and falls on the shoulders. He blesses with raised right hand and two fingers extended. He is obviously seated, though the throne hardly appears.
   At the top on each side are diminutive flying Angels which seem to support the aureole, and at the same time to bear scrolls. Near them are two human heads not easy to decipher. Two full faced Angels bearing scrolls spread out in a wide V are below. The two crowned heads to the right and left are probably representations of a king and queen. One has long hair and the other short. The one on the left

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