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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45 1933  page 6

to be holding some vessel by the lip, and pressing it in towards his body. Dr. James suggests that here is a representation of the month of April.
   (12) Figure with listening expression and both arms upraised, holding left hand to ear. The object in the left hand is shaped like a brick.
   (13) Long haired Samson rending the jaws of a lion. He stands across the animal and tears with both hands the jaws from behind the head which he has twisted towards him. The lion has his tail broken so as to fit into the medallion. This is a favourite subject from the Old Testament on both larger and smaller members of twelfth century doorways.
   I have seen it on a Tympanum at Stretton Sugwas, Hereford, where the attitude of the hero is very similar, 
though the lion faces outwards; also on smaller details at
Bradbourne, Derby; Leominster, Hereford; St. Margarets,
York; Brayton, and Barton le Street, Yorkshire; and
Iffley, Oxford.

Plate VI
   (14) Mutilated figure rather similar to (1). He has sword, hauberk and probably nasal helmet. His scabbard depends from a belt on his left which has the free end hanging down. There is no shield.

Plate VII a + b
(15) Man with crossed legs playing stringed instrument with bow. The instrument rests on his knees. On his left is an ape playing a mouth organ, and on his right a dog(?) playing double pipes.
   (16) Bear or large dog playing a beautifully shaped harp, while a female acrobat in close fitting dress with belt tumbles to the tune.
   (17) Dogs or bears. Mr. Druce suggests that they are playing musical instruments. If this be so, they may with (15) and (16) be part of the stock in trade

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