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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45 1933  page 5

The latter church exhibits them also on an abacus of the same doorway. From comparison of these examples it seems evident that these sleeves were not pendent as the sleeves of a surplice are pendent, but that rather they are like the maniple of a Priest, looped over the wrists.1
   (3) Musician playing fiddle. The shape of the bow resembles that of an archer in (8).
Plate III
   (4) Seated figure filling jug from cask on trestles.
   (5) Seated figure who may be playing a game such as throwing dice on a board resting on his knees. Dr. James suggests that he is playing on a flat dulcimer. I take the four incised lines above the board to be part of his clothing.
   (6) A very puzzling subject, representing perhaps the bust of a man in a sleeveless leather jerkin. The three incisions above may be his right hand, or possibly denote a beard. I can make no suggestion as to his left side.

Plate  IV
   (7) A rustic with large stupid head covered by a soft hat with a brim. His mouth is open. He seems to be doing some kind of agricultural work.
   (8) Archer in action, with cap covering the back of his head. He stands with legs well apart holding his bow with the left hand. His shaft has sped. The wrist of his shirt is visible. He wears a kilt to the knees, the pleats of which are shown. His bow is of medium size, about 4ft. 6ins. long.
   (9) Blacksmith, carpenter or mason striking an object with an iron headed hammer.
  (10) A figure with staff and large bundle probably hooked on to it.
Plate V
  (11) A man with a bird, perhaps a hawk, on the palm of the right hand. In the left hand he seems
   1 Mr. Romilly Allen, in Reliquary ii., N.S., draws attention to the knotted ends of these sleeves at Riccall and Brayton, also in MS. Nero C. IV in the Brit. Mus.

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