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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45 1933  page 4

in size. In some doorways such as at Healaugh, Yorkshire, the arch stones vary in size according to the importance of the subject, while at Fishlake, Yorkshire, the arrangement Of human figures and animals is as in a frieze, each carving being extended to cover about three separate stones. This latter arrangement is most effective and most unusual. In the inner order another row of beads comes at the top which are discontinued in one place near the figure of the Archbishop. Thirteen more medallions follow in which animals predominate, and lastly some foliage of the same character as that on the label.
   Within is a most elaborate tympanum, flanked by two ornate capitals with rich abaci. The carving is recessed through the cutting away of the background.
The medallions will be treated one by one, from left to right beginning with the outer order.  
Plate II
   (1) Soldier wearing a conical nasal helmet, and hauberk or shirt of mail with skirt divided conveniently for riding. 

The wrist of the shirt and the leather belt round the waist are clear. His long kite-shield is supported by a guige or strap over the right shoulder. It is rounded at the top, pointed at base, and has a boss in the centre. It is held in the left arm so as to protect nearly half the body. He carries a long tapering sword with quillon on the hilt for protection, held upwards in his right hand.1
   (2) Woman with raised arms and pendent sleeves. Her belt falls into a V over her hips, and the ends of the belt fall downwards between the legs. It is uncertain whether she is wearing a veil, or has her hair arranged in plaits.
   Mr. P. M. Johnston has drawn my attention to pendent sleeves on the arms of the ‘Virgin Mary on a Norman tympanum at Bishop’s Teignton, Devon. I have observed similar sleeves on archstones at Brayton and Healaugh, Yorkshire.
   1Valuable corrections and suggestions on the armour of this paper from Mr. Ralph Griffin and Mr. J. G. Mann have fortunately arrived in time to be inserted in the proof.

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