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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 102
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

   No date. Buried in Milton church in the high part beside the font. High altar 6-8d. Reparation of the church 20 ewes to make a stock; and to the church £12 to buy a pair of organs. Out of the place where I do live £10 towards a great Bell after my wife’s death. That two acres of land in Iwade bounding to the king’s land be sold, the money to buy a vestment with the albe and cope for Iwade church. To the reparation of the same church 20 ewes. Thomas Cotyng my brother three acres in the same parish in fee simple. To Upchurch parish 20 ewes. Joan Peter my servant 20 ewes. Wife Alice have my house with all lands in Milton for life, all the cattle in Milton, Iwade, Upchurch, after her death be sold the money to a priest to sing half a year in the churches of Milton and Iwade, as long as it lasts. Tenements and lands in Milton and Bobbing be sold after my wife’s death the money disposed for our souls. Ex’ors :—Wife Alice and John Rede with William Blower, gent., overseer. Witnesses :— Thomas Austen, vicar, William Tunbrige, John Coke, Thomas Boll, William Allen.
[Probate 7 March 1525-6.]             (A. Vol. 17, fol. 41.)

   25 May 1528. Buried in Milton church beside my 

husband [Robert]. High altar 3-4d, and to the church my best coverlet. Thomas Cotyng of Iwade 6-8c1, and his wife Rose a laten bason. William aWoode of Iwade a kettle, and Joan Woode my daughter’s child 3-4d, and her sister Alice 3-4d, and my pewter between them.
Residue to son John Marchant my Ex’or. Witnesses :—Thomas Austen, vicar, William Tonbrige, William Harris.
[Probate 25 Sept. 1528.]           (A. Vol. 18, fol. 109.)

   28 January 1529-30. Buried in the churchyard beside my father and mother. Daughters Joan and Agnes each have at their marriage two pewter platters and a chest. Residue to wife Agnes my Ex’or with Thomas Austen, vicar, overseer. Wife have my house until son Thomas is 25, and pay to my daughters at their marriage 10/-; Witnesses :—Thomas Austen, vicar, Dom. Thomas Myne, George Couper.
[Probate 6 May 1530 ; in A. Act, Vol. 6, fol. 189 :—16 March 1529-30.]                            (A. Vol. 19, fol. 11.)

                                  (To be continued.)

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