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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 101
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

   31 March 1505. Buried in the churchyard. Son John my great round kettle, spruce chest, three pewter plates. Son William my long copper kettle, three pewter plates. Son Michael three pewter plates. Daughter Katherine 26-8d a cupboard, the chest that standeth at my bed foot. Residue of instuff to my three sons and daughter. Ex’ors :—Son John Cotyng and Richard Eliott my brother with John Bery and John Triplowe, overseers. Son John have all profits from the lands and tenements that were his fathers and mine, until all our debts be paid, then sons divide them :—John having a messuage called the Tan house with garden and two rooms on the floor end that I dwell in, one acre of woodland at Denway, half acre in Sayarsefield in Middelton and half acre at Put Wood in Sidingborne, and to his heirs assigns for ever; also 20 tan tuns with 13 loads of tan. William and Michael the messuage I dwell in with the garden except the two rooms to son John, and to their heirs assigns for ever. Son William have a dekyr (10 skins) of leather half sole, one dekyr and half (15 skins) of other leather ready to be sold.
[Probate 5 June 1505.]                   (A. Vol. 9, fol. 106.)

   28 Sept. 1508. Buried in the churchyard. Light of Our Lady of Pity a taper of 2 lbs of wax. William my brother a spruce chest with another chest in my chamber. Katherine my sister a chest that standeth at the bed’s foot. Residue of household stuff to my brother William and sister Katherine. Ex’ors :—William my brother and Robert Debnan with Thomas Gladwin overseer. William my brother have all my right and title in a tenement and garden, also half an acre in Sayerfield at the Welowe, half acre at Putwood in Sidingborne, but Katherine my sister have the income until William is 22, and if he die without lawful issue then remain to Katherine, and if she die without lawful issue then to be sold the money :—to repair of highways from Chalkwell to Middelton town 26-8d, the residue in deeds of charity. Ex’ors take the profits of 13 loads of bark and 20 tuns with all belonging to the craft to pay my debts. Witnesses :—John Welles, Thomas Richemond, John Morice.
[Probate 10 January 1508-9.]          (A. Vol. 11, fol. 51.)

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