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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 97
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

Katherine, who with John Bromefeld my Ex’ors, and Ralph Chiche, gent, overseer. Wife have my tenement in Chalkwell with garden and five acres of land, eight acres in Nolefield in Borden parish, one acre and a virgate in Buggisfield, one acre and a virgate in Schamellisfield, half acre of woodland in Puc wood, one acre of woodland at Deneway in Newington parish, four acres in Bordensdane whereof one acre is in Sittingbourne, during the life of Katherine if she do not marry; if wife marry then John Bromefeld, John Bury, Thomas Coting my Feoffees, shall pay yearly to Katherine 40/-. After the death of wife Katherine the four acres in Bordensdane to Agnes Brette my daughter her heirs assigns for ever. After the death of Katherine then John son of William Clenche my son have residue of lands tenements, and to his heirs assigns for ever, when John is 21, until then Feoffees have charge of the same. If John be dead then to his brother Thomas when 21, but if Thomas dead then be sold, the money :—to a priest to celebrate for our souls £6-13-4d, to the repair of Middelton church £6-13-4d, for painting (picturam) the Images of Blessed Mary and St John Baptist in the church £6-13-4d, Andrew Joye of Ledes my kinsman and his brother Henry Joye each £3-6-8d, the residue in repairing 

the road between Chalkwell and Middelton, between Bobbing and Middelton, between Chalkwell and Chesten Wood by my Feoffees. The aforesaid Thomas Clench after the death of Agnes Tunbrigge his mother, have that tenement in Middelton next the Fox which Agnes holds for life, and to the heirs of Thomas for ever. If Thomas die before 21 then to Agnes Brett my daughter and her male issue for ever, in default to heirs female. John Joye have a piece of land between the Water Mill of Thomas Iden and land of John Hoggs east. Witness :—William Petyte vicar.
[Probate 17 June 1497.]               (A. Vol. 6, fol. 195.)

   16 December 1503. Buried in the churchyard. Daughter
Agnes my best gown, kirtle, girdle, beads, and 6 silver spoons. John bite 6-8d. John Cienche two tables, the hangings of the hail. Reparation of the church 6-8d, and of the highways 20/-. A priest sing for my soul, husband, friends for quarter of a year 33-4d. That Ralph Heyman, John Cathott, William Essex, Valentine Burdon, have 12d each to bear me to the church. John Clenche be put to school and good guiding by John Berry, John

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