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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 95
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

de novo" the south aisle, also my Ex’or pay to the Wardens of Iwade 40 /- that I owe to the church. A chaplain celebrate in Milton church for my soul, wife Joan, our parents, benefactors, for a year, £6-13-4d. Katherine my daughter at her marriage a chest, etc; 5 cows, 100 sheep at Michaelmas next. My best and largest silver salt with a cover, best girdle harnessed with gold, which were her mothers, two silver spoons. Margaret1 and Elisabeth my daughters a similar bequest. Joan wife of Thomas Grovehurst £3-6-8d. Residue to wife Katherine my Ex’or, with John Fyneux, knight, Chief Justice of England, overseer, to have 40/-. Wife Katherine have until my daughters be married if she will, lands called Lytyll Court, lands and marshes called Usbarns and Berdynhill, Herspar Downe, Lokfield beside Fawnes, and all other lands tenements in Iwade which are not my wife’s jointure; 26-8d yearly from my lands in Ivychurch and Brookland in Romney Marsh, paying while Katherine have the lands to my daughters Katherine, Margaret, Elisabeth £6-13-4d each yearly. Katherine and Margaret until married be in the custody of my wife Katherine. Thomas Grovehurst and his wife have the rewell (rule) of Elisabeth my daughter until 

she be married and receive the £6-13-4d yearly. After the death of my wife, daughter Katherine have Lytyl Court and Usbarns in Iwade, and to her lawful issue, in default to Margaret and Elizabeth and their lawful issue. After the death of my wife my Manor of Colsall with appurtenances and all lands thereto in Middleton and Iwade; with other lands Bardynhill and Lokefield, also the Manor of Thorneton otherwise called Bartlotts with all woods, rents, thereto in the Isle of Thanet [in Minster] ; certain lands in Ivychurch and Brookland in value of 26-8d yearly, be equally divided between Margaret and Elisabeth my daughters and their lawful issue, each heir to other. And if either in time to come be married to any man dwelling in East Kent, and be in mind to have my Manor of Thorneton to her part, then she so have it, to be entailed as above.
   [27 Feb. 1504-5, Katherine the widow and Ex’or appeared in the Court. Then on 2 April Katherine with Witnesses :— Stephen Norton of Chart next Sutton, John Sharp, Richard Warren, who were sworn. On 7 July Administration granted to Katherine.]
                                                    (A. Vol. 13, fol. 378.)
   1 Margaret married Thomas Ayleff who died in 1529.

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