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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 93
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

   9 April 1536. Buried in the churchyard beside my father. Marion and Margaret my daughters each 20/- at marriage, and if the child my wife now goes with be a girl to have 20/- at marriage. Residue to wife Alice my Ex’or to pay debts, with Mi. Thomas Austen vicar, overseer. Wife have my two tenements with gardens, my croft with garden upon the hill next to Sayers field, 9½ acres in Buggesfield, half acre in Potwood, for life, then to sons Thomas and Richard. Witnesses :—Thomas Austen vicar there, Thomas Maister, William Sturrey.
[No Probate, but of next Will 16 May 1536.] 
                                                      (A. Vol. 20, fol. 25.)

   2 June 1554. Buried in the churchyard. Wife (no name) all income from my houses and lands after her death to my sons. If my sons (no names) go to my occupation they shall have all my loomes with all thereto, if not to be sold and money divided among them. Sara, my daughter 53-4d at 21, a maser bound with silver, two silver spoons. Margaret Burdon my sister, 4 platters and 4 dishes of pewter. Residue to wife my Ex’or.
[Probate 15 June 1554.]              (A. Vol. 29, fol. 157.)

   3 April 1528. Buried in the churchyard. Dom Robert Gate 12d. To my mother 12d. Son John my best coat, brass pot, six pieces of pewter, two laton candlesticks, the bed in which I lie with all thereto, after the death of my wife. John Colyn of Sheppey my brother my second coat. Thomas Bour son of my wife a coat. Frideswith daughter of Margaret my daughter pewter dishes. Ex’or :—Wife Alice and have residue.
[Probate 29 April 1528.]              (A. Vol. 18, fol. 25.)

THOMAS BOCHER, Cloth-maker.
   5 Decem. 1544. Buried in the churchyard. Ex’or :— My father in law John Porrege of Rodmersham, shall pay the £20 due to Master Sethe of Faversham, draper, then have my lands, tenements. Witnesses :—Thomas Gawdeby clerk, rector of Wyechelyng, John Thorneton, Thomas Lockesmythe.
[Probate 22 January 1544-5.]       (A. Vol. 23, fol. 256.)

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