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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 90
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

of a light before the Rood a cow. To each daughter of Raufe Chiche 10 /-. Steven Bull have selar and testor with the curtains and hangings of the parlour. To every place of Friars in Canterbury 6-8d. William Godfrey the younger, John Godfrey, Margaret his sister, and the other sister at London 20/- each. William Tomlin, junior, my tenement at Chalkwell with barn, gardens, and to his heirs in fee simple for ever. Repair of the highway from Harts barn to Chalkwell 20/-. For five years after my death at Christmas my Ex’ors bestow 2,000 billets of wood] among the poor. Against Candlemas [2 Feb.] after my death, my Ex’ors buy two Copes of white damask for the church, price £6-13-4d. Residue after paying debts ete, to William Godfrey my brother and William Perye my Ex’ors to dispose for my soul and husband, each Ex’or 40/-. Witnesses :—William Petyt vicar, John Bery, Robert Debenham.
[Probate 5 April 1505.]              (Con. Vol. 8, fol. 80.)

   17 March 1500-1. Buried in the churchyard of Holy Trinity. Joan and Margaret my daughters when 16 each

have 20 ewes. To Iwade church 3-4d. Residue after debts etc paid to wife Cecifie my Ex’or, with Ralph Chiche overseer. Wife have my tenement called Woddis for life, then to Richard and John my sons, paying to Margerie my daughter 26-8d. Son Thomas my tenement late John Thomlin in Bobbing parish at Holstrete when son is 22, paying to Joan my daughter 26-8d. If both sons die without lawful issue then to my daughters and if they so the to John Orgat son of my sister and to his heirs assigns, on condition he provide a priest to celebrate for our souls in the church for a year. Witnesses :—Mgr. John Walsh 1 curate of Milton, Ralph Chiche, William Cotland, Thomas Blacke of Iwade.
[Probate 27 May 1501.]                  (A. Vol. 8, fol. 56.)

   15 November 1545. Administration to his goods, to Agnes his widow. Bonds :—Thomas Bull of Milton and Thomas Douche of Sturrey, yeoman, in £66-13-4d.
(A. Act. Vol. 9, fol.18.)
   1 John Walsh a Witness to Wills between 1493 and 1501.

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