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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 86
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

to bring up my children and pay debts. Ex’or :—Wife Joan with my son John Stone to help her. Wife have my house and lands for life, then to my children. Witnesses :—Thomas Bocher, John Thornton, William Harting, John Stone.
[Probate 25 Sept. 1542.]             (A. Vol. 22, fol. 133.)

   17 June 1497. Buried in the churchyard next my mother’s grave beside the church door. Reparation of the church £3-6-8d. To Bromefield church a vestment price 46-8d, a cross of copper and gilt with a staff thereto price 34-4d, and two small candlesticks of laton to the high altar price 5/-. Jone Bans my servant £6-13-4d, Jone Quynte my servant £3-6-8d, Elyne Flawne and Elisabeth Newenton each £13-6-8d, John Browne of Tenham and Joan his wife 13-4d, Emot Cook my wife’s daughter 20/—, John Bromefield late of Harriettesham 20/-, and to his son John 3-4d, John Lawrance, Robert Browne, John Catelott, Robert Barry, Richard Pryne, each 6-8d. To Iwade church 6-8d. Every daughter of John Mason of Bromefield 10/-. Repair of the highway between Milton church and Cokkis sole Cross £3-6-8d, and between Jawles Gore and Quinton £3-6-8d, between Chalkwell and the stile coming 

out of Sayers field £3-6-8d. Joan my wife have 6 horses, 9 kine, a bull, 180 ewes, all lambs, a cart and plough, 16 acres of wheat in Bramble field, 4 acres of wheat in a little croft at Ore, the half part of 7 acres at Ore, 12 acres of barley at Bremth, 5 acres of barley at the Thorn in Sayers field, all my household stuff and store. Residue of goods after paying debts etc to my Ex’ors to dispose for my soul, viz—John Berry senior of Middilton and William Bussher of Sidingborne. Feoffees :—John Berry and William Raynold. Wife have all my lands rents tenements in Bobbing and Middilton for life, then to be sold the money—to a priest £6-13-4d to sing in Middilton church, and in Bromefield church £6-13-4d, to William Tunbridge £20, and residue disposed by the discretion of Ex’ors. Thomas Bromefield of Borden when 18 have my house in Bromefield with a garden of one acre, and 3 acres of land next the garden, 3 acres between the churchyard and the King’s Park, 2 acres between the lands of Roose and the high road, 4 acres beside Potagis otherwise called Neweman, and to the lawful issue of Thomas, under condition he will dwell upon the same; if he die without lawful issue or do not dwell there, then to John his brother under the same condition, in default to William

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