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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 82
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

Residue after paying debts etc to Dom Henry Brome, clerk and parish-priest of Middleton, and John Dyne my cousin, my Ex’ors, to dispose for my soul. Witnesses :—James Welforth, Richard Dyne, tailor, William Hilles, Thomas Hilles.
[No probate date.]                      (A. Vol. 23, fol. 180.)

   5 May, 1536. Buried in the churchyard before the Porch next to the stone. High altar for tithes 3-4d. Wife Joan have all my leases of the parsonage, and be Ex’or, with Mr. Thomas Austen, vicar, and John Seth senior, overseers, each have 10 /-. Wife have all my lands, tenements to sell for to pay my debts etc, and the overplus given to my children (not named). Witnesses :—Mr. Thomas Austen, vicar, John Marchant, Roger Yenes, Thomas Polokk, Godfrey Sharpe.
[Probate 19 July 1536.]                  (A. Vol. 21, fol. 28.)

JOAN AWCY, widow.
   1 Feb. 1540-1. Buried in the churchyard beside my husband Thomas Gladwin [died 1514]. Ex’or :—Daughter Katherine to pay my debts and have residue. My taynters

(for stretching cloth) with the ground and little house to daughter Katherine. Witnesses :—Thomas Austen vicar, Dom. Henry Browne, John Thorneton.
[Probate 12 April 1543.]             (A. Vol. 22, fol. 299.)

   10 August 1479. Buried in the churchyard of Holy Trinity. High altar for tithes 2/-. Son John one taynter in the garden at Ore. Ex’or :—Wife Robergie have residue after debts paid to dispose for my soul, with John Bromefeld overseer. Wife have for life my house in the market-place of Middilton, then to son John, and if wife be with a son the house be divided between them; if a girl to have 13-4d, but if both die to be sold, the money to a priest for our souls and all faithful departed.
[Probate 15 Oct. 1479.]                 (A. Vol. 3, fol. 219.)

   24 Feb. 1484-5. Buried in the churchyard. High altar 3-4d; the parish-clerk 8d. Residue after paying debts etc to wife Petronille, who with Thomas Wader my Ex’ors. Lands

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