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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page 81
MILTON WILLS (NEXT SITTINGBOURNE).—I. By Arthur Hussey   continued

From Waters Croft the yearly income to my wife to keep a yearly Obit in the church for 40 years, with solemn dirige and masses by note for my soul, friends, etc, after my wife’s death daughter Katherine have the income to continue the Obit. After the 40 years the Croft remain as my other lands abovesaid. If the Obit not kept the vicar of Middleton for time being to receive the yearly income and keep the Obit. If my sister Katherine Finche or any one in her name, not being contented with the three acres assigned unto them, will vex or trouble my wife for any parcel of land belonging to the Manor of Groveherst, or any of the lands called Newgar or Hadlowe, for the suite that hath been for the same, then my wife be allowed out of the £66-13-4d before given to Katherine my daughter, as much as my wife shall spend in her defence. If wife be so vexed she shall enfeoff the moiety of the Manor of Colsall with lands etc thereto, to the use of her lawful issue, or in default to my brother Richard and his eldest male issue, etc, as above. Witnesses :—Thomas Lawrance of Canterbury, notary, John Long, John Stone.
[Probate 9 June 1529.]                  (A. Vol. 18, fol. 209.)

6 April 1499. Buried in the churchyard next to my wife. To the vicar for tithes 3-4d; parish clerk 12d; sexton 12d ; to the works of the church most needful 20/-. Thomas Slede 40/-, Richard Nele 13-4d, Agnes wife of Richard Martin 40/-. Isabell my daughter at her marriage £5. Repair of bad roads within the Hundred of Middleton 40/-. A priest pray daily for my soul, wife, and all christian souls for a year, and have £6-13-4c1. Residue after debts etc paid to my Ex’ors :—Samson Sayer and Peter Smith to dispose for my soul. Anne my daughter wife of of Walter Stonyng have my tenement and garden in St. John’s hole [sic] and to her heirs for ever, if she keep yearly in the church one Obit of 5/- for my soul, wife, etc, during seven years.
[Probate 17 April 1499.]            (A. Vol. 7, fol. 1108.)

THOMAS AUSTEN,1 clerk, vicar [1512-43].
 .  .   . 1543. Buried within the quire of the church. To the poor at my burying 13-4d. Thomas Hilles a stock or hive of bees. Dom James Welforth, clerk, one of my long gowns.
   1 He died in 1543, as Henry Brown the next vicar, 16 November 1543, on death of Thomas Austen.—Reg. Cranmer, f. 390.

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